“Without ADVICE, Gastro will have an even greater staff crunch”

Service included or not? tell the service workers

“Without TIPS there will be an even greater shortage of skilled workers in the gastronomy”

In Switzerland, the service is covered by law. Hardly anyone can stand it. Most people tip, at least occasionally. Service workers report that they could hardly survive without help.

According to a survey by the Center for Economic Research at ETH KOF, salaries in the catering sector are increasing at an above-average rate: cooks or service employees can expect an increase of 4.4% in the year next.

Nevertheless, wages in the catering industry remain low. So for most people, it is considered good etiquette to pay the bills in restaurants. Blick reader and bartender Pierre Gaspard (31) can only agree: “Without a tip, it would be impossible to survive.” The trained chef works as a bartender at the Hotel Schweizerhof in Lenzerheide gr. “Tips represent a quarter of my salary,” he calculates.

Blick reader Barbara Vogeli (37) describes tipping as a “nice bonus”. The trained cook and service specialist has since turned her back on fine dining, but she still remembers how important tips are to her income. “It means you can afford a bit of luxury, going on vacation,” she says.

Women are more generous than men

In Switzerland, the law actually means “services concerned”. Nevertheless, a recent survey by BankCler concluded that only 2% of the population of German-speaking Switzerland adheres to this principle and systematically refrains from tipping. Rest, at least once in a while.

According to the representative survey, the most generous are those who are over 65 and whose monthly salary exceeds 7,000 francs. Women give more than men, city dwellers more than the rural population and German-speaking Swiss more than French-speaking Swiss.

thousand requirements for cigarettes

On average, people tip around ten percent of the bill. But there are outliers, especially in the luxury segment. A reader of Blick who wishes to remain anonymous recounts how, as a concierge in Zermatt VS, she once received a tip worth a thousand. Late in the evening he had arranged a cigarette for a guest.

Learn more about the shortage of skilled workers in the culinary arts

While a thousand dollars may not be ideal, a tip provides much-needed motivation for many employees in the restaurant industry. “Without tips, there would be even more of a shortage of skilled labor in the catering industry,” says bartender Pierre Gaspard.

Indeed, four out of ten catering establishments currently declare that they do not recruit enough staff to be able to provide the desired service. Opening hours will be restricted, menus will be reduced and there will be no fries in the pool. TIP will not solve the staffing shortage. But combined with the above-average wage hike, it’s likely encouraging some to stick with the restaurant business. Backbreaking work and weekend assignments or not.

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