Where to grab fresh ice cream treats in Hopatcong

HOPATCONG, NJ – With the holiday weekend ahead and summer in general a great time to cool off with a bit of creamy goodness, Hopatcong has ice cream choices at different locations for the weekend of the day. independence and beyond.

In the United States, each person eats about 23 gallons of ice cream on average each year, which is one of the reasons the International Dairy Foods Association says July was defined by Presidential Proclamation in 1984 as the month National Ice Cream Day, with the third Sunday in July celebrated as National Ice Cream Day.

Where to find creamy and sweet treats in Hopatcong?

You won’t always find a delicious treat on land, and if you’re on the water, look out for Ice Cream A Float, complete with all your favorite ice creams by boat. Ice Cream A Float is known for its friendly ice cream deliveries and can be found virtually on Facebook and Instagram.

Main Lake Market is another place to cruise Prospect Point or drive down 234 South New Jersey Avenue. On the second floor of the market, they have their ice cream parlor and their toy store. Call ahead for pickup at 973-663-0544. On the menu at the Main Lake Market are take-out options for breakfast and lunch, with hot and cold sandwiches. As for their sweet treats, they can serve as ice cream in cones, cups, milkshakes and sundaes. They also have special treats like iced hot chocolate.

Down the road is the Jefferson Dairy, a favorite on Route 15 South, specializing in homemade ice cream since 1969. Jefferson Dairy offers hard and soft ice cream, with dairy-free, fat-free and sugar-free choices. . They also have cakes and other frozen treats.

Cliff’s Homemade Ice Cream is another nearby favorite on Route 46 West in Ledgewood. The well-known ice cream stand with outdoor picnic tables features over 70 flavors, from ice cream cakes to top honors from ice cream critics. Cliff’s offers seasonal flavors, as well as standards, with 11 types of soft ice cream on its extensive menu.

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