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Maybe you have the impression that Paris is full of Greek souvlaki because of the Latin Quarter and several Greek restaurants, but believe me, it is not so easy to find real souvlaki in the city of lights.

Most places in Paris that do “a Greek sandwich” as the French call it, wrap it in Arabic pie because some of them are actually run by Turks and there is confusion between gyros and doner.

Ask us, the Greek Parisians who were about to put up a banner under the Eiffel Tower with the slogan “Bring souvlaki to Paris”. Fortunately, someone listened to our prayers (it was not God, but human beings to whom we are eternally grateful).

For all the souvlaki lovers or for those who live in Paris and miss the wonderful Greek street food, there is still hope!



Filakia in Greek means ‘kiss’ and that’s exactly what we wanted to send to the owners when this restaurant opened in Paris in February 2014. Created by Chloé Monchalin and Benjamin Rousselet, Filakia is a mix of Greek accents original and French gastronomy that takes street food to the next level in a gourmet way.

Filakia brings Greek street food to Paris

The first test was the “Pita”. As already mentioned, there are several kebab or souvlaki corners in Paris but wrapped in Arabic pie, not the original pita we use for souvlaki in Greece. Filakia passed that test when we entered the tiny, minimally decorated restaurant. The first thing that caught our eye was the pita! Pure happiness, transformed into a delight when you taste it.

On the menu, roast chicken or grilled pork with fresh oregano, and some with a French touch, the “keftedakia” souvlaki with beef, halloumi and spicy tomato sauce, the veggie with squash fritters, feta and fresh herbs and the “fish & greek”. with cod steak, cucumber and lime. Well, it’s more expensive than in Greece but you can’t have everything, can you?

A: Montorgueil, 9, rue Mandar, 75002/ Filakia Jussieu, 31 rue Linné75005



Agapi in Greek means “love”, and we also love this delicious Greek place. At the heart of Passage Choiseul in the 2nd arrondissement, white and sky blue flags can be seen flying from a small terrace. A fresh and delicious familiar smell draws us inside. Behind a large ragpicker, there is a young brunette. Alexandra, the Greek owner, who brought the Cycladic aura of her island to Paris.

* If you’re craving Souvlaki in Paris, check out Agapi

Indeed, she brought back the key elements: the homemade tzatziki, the original pita, and lemons, key ingredients of Greek cuisine. Alexandra usually recommends the Keftedes pita, beef with mint and fresh parsley, with some Mediterranean herbs. But if you fancy other Greek specialties, there is also moussaka, “pikilia” (variety of Greek dishes on a plate) and a plate of Naxos (a vegetarian dish made daily in addition to the four pea pitas chickpeas, tzatziki, Feta, rice, kritharaki, tomato sauce with Cretan oregano, served with half a pita with olive oil). We also like the Choirino pita – roast pork, lemon and herbs – served with homemade potato with lemon and onions. For dessert, try the mosaiko (you can’t find it anywhere else in Paris!) or the baklava. Agapi also has a delivery service.

A: 45, passage Choiseul – 2nd

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