Where are we at: Your cooperative’s commitment to the community

Submitted by Feather River Food Co-op

Feather River Food Co-op is deeply rooted in our community. Simply put, we wouldn’t exist without the caring, caring and amazing people of Plumas County and beyond. As a food cooperative owned by our community, we have a responsibility to be there for you; especially when you need us most. Caring for the community is one of the 7 principles that all cooperative businesses follow, and it has certainly been on our minds first and foremost.

Since the beginning of the Dixie Fire, your co-ops have received over 11 pallets of donations for Dixie Fire Relief from our main grocery supplier, UNFI. We also received many small donations from companies like NOW Foods and Lundberg Rice. We continue to receive donations, coordinating with local food banks to channel them to affected members of our community. We are very grateful for the tremendous support we have received from these amazing companies – Thank you!

Amazing staff


Our hardworking management team reached out to suppliers directly, working with them to secure donations of respiratory support products, personal care items, ice cream, ready-to-eat meals, flour and more. Cooperative staff members took charge of organizing food distribution and helped set up and coordinate donation sites; while their own families and homes were threatened.

Our staff, along with a very special volunteer, moved these needed supplies to a central distribution center located at Feather River Grange Hall in Quincy. We delivered two full trucks and a full trailer of food to Taylorsville and Crescent Mills.

The staff are amazing, caring and brave, and showed me what community involvement really means.

An easy way to give

We have developed a program for customers to help those most affected: Customers can buy hearts (from $ 5 to $ 100) to go to our donation tree. At the end of each month, we will count the total and distribute the monetary funds between the Dixie Fire Relief Fund at Plumas Bank and the Plumas County Office of Education. One hundred percent of the funds go directly to the residents and families who have been affected. YOU help your community with these donations. So far in August, YOU have donated $ 4,385 to your community. Come to any of our stores to donate to our donation tree.


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