West Village Business Improvement District Formalized

WEST VILLAGE, NY — The West Village officially has a Business Improvement District (BID) after Mayor Eric Adams signed it into law Thursday morning. It is the culmination of a years-long process by community members to help neighborhood business owners.

The West Village BID will contain 872 properties bordered by West 10th Street, extending to Perry Street at 7th Avenue, south by Carmine Street and Avenue of the Americas, east by Greenwich Avenue and Sheridan Square, and the west by Bedford Street.

“It’s so important that what our BIDs do on our local communities, especially as you see more and more businesses moving into neighborhoods, those neighborhoods have often been overlooked,” Adams said during Thursday’s press conference. “We are ensuring that the BIDs are launched in July in time for the start of the financial year, so that businesses in Castle Hill and the West Village can thrive.”

The West Village BID lists the following five services as its top proposed priorities.

  • Sanitation
  • Embellishment
  • Security/Public Safety
  • Community Outreach/Engagement
  • Economic development

West Village Council member Erik Bottcher, who lobbied for the BID, was also present on Thursday morning.

“After many years of effort, we are seeing the creation of a business improvement district, in what I call an overloved part of the village,” Bottcher said. “This area gets a lot of foot traffic, great, but it generates a lot of litter and wear and tear. The BID will provide assistance on all of those fronts.”

The West Village BID now joins the Meatpacking Business Improvement District and the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce as neighboring neighborhood organizations with similar overall goals.

Bottcher also paid tribute to local West Village residents who attended Thursday for the signing of the mayor’s legislation for their grassroots efforts to lobby for the BID in the community.

You can view all of the documents surrounding the West Village BID legislation on the city’s website.

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