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With more and more people looking to elevate their travel, leisure, adventure and grand event experiences, the demand for skilled hospitality management professionals continues to grow.


The world of hospitality continues to grow in India. The demand for the field of hospitality as well as tourism has increased over the years, due to which the hospitality industry has become one of the fastest growing fields in the country.
Hotel management is a study of leadership, flexibility, communication, team building and many other similar aspects. Every team needs to analyze industry trends and stay up to date.
As people travel around the world for various reasons, the travel and hospitality industry has blossomed. The reach of the stream in India is enormous. There are many good reasons to choose a career in hotel management.
Due to globalization, the hotel management industry is booming. Every year, many hospitality-related jobs are created, offered not only by Indian companies, but also by international hotel chains.
Hospitality management can open up many opportunities in the industry, including restaurants, catering, airlines, and guesthouses.

Reporting by Pankaj Kamane and Ananya Gandhi


Accommodation Manager, Retail Manager, Event Planner, Catering Manager, Restaurant Management, Airline Catering Services and Guest House Management


After the setback caused by the pandemic, the hotel management industry is flourishing again. With various job opportunities coming up, ranging from hotel associations to various airlines and cabin crew, the field opens up excellent career prospects in multiple industries.
Vinod Madra | hotel consultant
The responsibility, grace and etiquettes that come with the job are what drew me in and moved me. Being able to interact and work with people from all walks of the world is a beautiful thing. The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone and the hospitality industry is still dealing with the consequences. This industry has taught me patience and empathy and I look forward to what it can teach me next.
Rathi | Trident, Mumbai
It’s an intriguing area. Each new day brings a different challenge, and overcoming these challenges and solving problems is very satisfying. Professionals in the hospitality industry must motivate themselves every day to shine. Ultimately, it’s rewarding and forward-looking work for those who enjoy working in a stimulating environment.
Sanjay Pendse | F&B Manager, Tuli Imperial Hotel


| Urvashi Yashroy

Continuously learning the path to success

When I finished my hotel management course in 1989, long hours in the industry were not common for a woman, but now all industries operate the same. I started my career as a visiting professor at two colleges in 1994 and realized at that time that there was a lot to give in the field of education, especially in the hospitality field.
At the time, no one was up to the challenge of teaching continental and baking skills and imparting specific skills to students. Nagpur lacked basic knowledge about continental food and there was no appreciation or idea to experiment even in this regard.
The trip was not only a learning experience, but also very rewarding. I have led and contributed to many state-level committees and have also represented the Hotel Management Association as secretary since 2011.
Holding a PhD in Hospitality Marketing from Nagpur University, I contribute to the balanced and healthy growth of professionals in our industry and guide industry professionals on their journey.
It is essential to be an ardent learner and to keep immersing yourself in the latest industry trends. Being fearless in my approach is what keeps me going.

The author is Principal, Tuli College of Hotel Management

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