Wedding Venue Owners Struggle With New Standards Nashik News

Nashik: New Covid-related restrictions released by the state government on Friday put owners of wedding halls and lawns in dire straits in the district.
Along with the concern to ensure that all guests at the wedding ceremony are fully immunized, owners will also need to ensure that wedding halls and lawns are empty by 9pm. There are nearly 400 wedding halls and lawns spread throughout the neighborhood. .
Sunil Chopda, president of the Nashik Wedding Halls and Lawns Association, said most of the wedding halls have been booked because there are still muhurats until the end of 2021. After that, the wedding season starts to go. January 18 and will continue until the end of May.
“Right now, the concern of many wedding venue owners is to call the parties who have reserved the venues / lawns and inform them of new guidelines issued by the government,” he added.
According to the new guidelines, the total number of participants at any time should not exceed 100 for confined spaces (such as banquet and wedding rooms, etc.) and 250 for open spaces, or 25% of the capacity of these spaces. Many homeowners have said the restrictions will affect them financially as well.
“It happened in the second wave when the restrictions went into effect. Many parties have chosen to celebrate the wedding on farms or in smaller locations due to the restrictions on guests. When there are fewer guests, the nuptials either do not spend on decoration or opt for more extensive catering services. Therefore, the business of decorators and catering services is also hit hard, ”said Upendra Bhilare, decorator for the Nashik Road area.
The owners of the wedding hall have said that for everyone’s safety, they should follow guidelines.


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