Washington’s Best Seafood and How to Find It!

Coming from western Washington, I’ve always been a huge seafood fan. After moving to Yakima, we felt like we’d lost a fair amount of seafood places, but after looking around us we found amazing places.

I’ll give you a few places in Yakima and some of the best seafood restaurants on the west side of Washington when you decide to go see a Kraken or Hawks game.

5.) SeaGally Restaurant

It’s true, you don’t have to travel far to enjoy delicious crab legs, salmon or shrimp, not to mention there’s something for everyone. From pasta to prime rib, surf and turf, and a pound of crab legs, honestly, anything you want is there on the menu and served fresh.

4.) Captain Crab and Ramen

This place specializes in seafood boils, people from all over the valley have been able to try this place tells me it’s a must in the valley. Not only are they next level with their seafood, but they also make their own homemade ramen. If you’ve only ever had stovetop ramen, you’re missing out. They boil brother in 24 hours to bring all the flavors to life!

3.) The Crab Pot in Seattle

The Crab Pot in Seattle is located on Miners Pier 47 in Seattle and is famous for its seafood, four different seafood porridges. There can be four different types of sea feast boils, but each of them is served the same way. Boiled in a pot and dropped right on your table for you to eat!

2.) Elliot’s Oyster Hoe

If you are a shellfish lover then this is a place to check out in Seattle specializing in oysters, clams, crab, lobster etc. The flavors will blow your mind as you dig into some of the freshest seafood Seattle has to offer. Located directly on the Pudget Sound, you have a great view to accompany your meal.

1.) Salty Waterfront Seafood

Salty’s is a big favorite with locals on the west side, located on Redondo Beach, you can enjoy a nice walk on the pier then finish with an amazing seafood dinner. The freshest seafood you will find in Washington are definitely Saltys, everything is made fresh and to order. With a plethora of choices for seafood lovers and even those who aren’t seafood fans, everyone leaves happy and full.

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