Veloce Specialty Sandwiches opens in Jersey City

Veloce Specialty Sandwiches has officially opened in Jersey City. Located at 580 Montgomery Street, the third-generation grocery store operates in a ghost kitchen and operates primarily as a food pickup and delivery restaurant. Offering authentic Italian cuisine with an American twist, the owner of Veloce hopes to make his own mark in the heart of Jersey City. Read on to learn more about Veloce.

^ Sandwich n ° 10 on the menu: turkey, fresh mozzarella, arugula, sundried tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar (Photo credit: @velocesandwichs)

Grand opening of Veloce

Veloce Specialty Sandwiches opened on September 1st. Owner James Aliotta (pictured below) shares with Hoboken girl how the idea came about.

james aliotta jersey city veloce

(Photo credit: @velocesandwichs)

“This is the third generation of the family. My grandfather, Rocco Saputo, founded M&R Salumeria (308 Central Ave) in Jersey City in 1969, so over 50 years ago. He had a successful Italian grocery store here. This has been passed on to a few of my uncles, [which led to them] open stores in North Jersey.

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James adds: “Now I have decided to bring it back to Jersey City with a little different concept. I have wanted to open a business for a few years now, but I understand the times we live in, and the delivery is getting more and more. in addition to more popular, so we decided to go for a more virtual ghost kitchen concept to start building exposure and trying and tapping into the market and making sure the demand is there for the product.

jersey city fast sandwich delivery

(Photo credit: @velocesandwichs)

Passing through the Veloce space, customers will notice a small signage on the front of the building and a pickup point at the front.

“It’s set up where it’s almost a sublet where there’s a storefront, but it’s not my storefront. I’m subletting the kitchen, ”shares James, a resident of Rockaway, NJ. “This is the opportunity to test the concept. With the opening and closing of things, I was not going to risk opening a real storefront. The idea is to build the brand in the region and eventually to have my own showcase.

About the menu

The owner got his business name from the meaning behind the concept, with “Veloce” meaning “fast” in Italian.

veloce chicken nugget sandwiches

^ Crispy chicken nuggets served with a homemade Veloce sauce

(Photo credit: @velocesandwichs)

“The idea was to deliver quickly, high-end, high-quality sandwiches, Signature [food], and specialty sandwiches to the region. I wanted it to be Italian influenced but also Americanized at the same time, so I went for a more trendy, short and sweet name that people will become more familiar with, ”adds James. “I think it fits our business model perfectly.

What sets Veloce apart from other sandwich shops in the region is that the team makes fresh homemade mozzarella every day, which is the same mozzarella recipe that has been in the family business for 50 years now.

Fresh bread for the 13 cold sandwiches and four hot sandwiches comes from Elio’s Bakery & Deli on West Side Avenue in Jersey City. Two types of bread are offered: an 8-inch Italian bread and an 8-inch semolina bread with sesame seeds.

veloce eggplant burrata sandwiches

^ Sandwich n ° 11 on the menu: eggplant, burrata, sweet peppers, fresh basil, and a balsamic glaze (Photo credit: @velocesandwichs)

The specialty restaurant also offers a few salads to choose from (Caesar chicken, antipasto, garden, caprese and pasta salad with tortellini pesto), pasta (marinara penne and vodka penne) and side dishes like crispy chicken nuggets with Veloce sauce and homemade chocolate chip cookie.

Try Veloce

Veloce offers pickup, but James says delivery is “more encouraged” either via the website, found here, or through third-party apps such as Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats. Catering for events and big parties is also available.

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The opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. To follow Veloce on Instagram, click on here!


Written by: Diana Cooper

After landing her dream job as a reporter for In Touch Weekly and Life & Style Weekly, Diana moved to The Heights in 2014 and has lived in Jersey City since then. Diana enjoys biking in Lincoln Park and taking fitness classes downtown in her spare time. She loves reality TV shows, eating out and having drinks with friends and traveling to new places. Her work has taken her to meet and interview celebrities as well as attend exclusive events and premieres in New York City. But at the end of the day, what she loves most is snuggling up with her newly adopted kitten, Chloe.

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