Trump Org: DA uses family to get Weisselberg to cooperate

  • Tax prosecution expert Frank Agostino has weighed in on the Trump Organization prosecution debate.
  • He told CNN that the charges against CFO Allen Weisselberg were likely a warning to cooperate.
  • In July, New York prosecutors indicted Weisselberg and the Trump Organization with tax crimes.

Frank Agostino, a former tax attorney and now legal analyst, said the recent charges against the Trump organization’s chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg are likely a sign that there are other legal issues in store for the company of President Donald Trump.

In comments to CNN, Agostino, a former U.S. special tax prosecutor, weighed in on the debate over recent charges against Weisselberg over the case prosecutors were building against the Trump Organization.

Weisselberg and the Trump Organization were accused on July 1 of using valuable employee benefits – including apartment leases for his son and school fees for his grandchildren – as a way to evade tax , according to the indictment.

Weisselberg has pleaded not guilty, while Trump says the benefits are not illegal and the prosecution, led by Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, is politically motivated.

“Prosecutors aren’t showing their full hand yet. This is obviously designed to convince Weisselberg that they have enough to put him in jail, and it’s going to get worse, and he should really be thinking about cooperating,” Agostino said.

“I think (Vance) sent a message that this is an exit ramp for Weisselberg that he should have taken already and, if he doesn’t, everything he knows and love in this world is a fair game. “

“And I think he’s sending a message to the Trump Organization: Your employees should come talk to us sooner rather than later if you want a business that you can leave to your kids. It’s traditional old school hardball, that is. is what New York does almost better than anyone else. “

Prosecutors have reportedly pressured Weisselberg to cooperate with their investigation, whose in-depth knowledge of the financial affairs of the Trump Organization is considered essential by prosecutors. A decades-long servant of the Trump family businesses, Weisselberg has so far resisted that pressure, according to reports.

There has been a tremendous amount of speculation about the strategy prosecutors are pursuing in their investigation of Trump’s cases.

Some analysts have argued that there are likely no further charges in store for the company, as there is no reason for them to delay filing more serious charges if they have any evidence. to back them up.

But others, including former lawyer and Trump fixer Michael Cohen, say Weisselberg’s accusations are a “punch” to encourage cooperation.

The probe could have serious implications for Trump’s future political fortunes, plunging the former president into scandal and the threat of jail if he decides to launch a new presidential bid in 2024.

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