Toni Storm, ahead of WWE exit, in her main run: Sitting in the restaurant is not a good feeling

Toni Storm is considering her swirling main roster call in 2021.

Toni Storm was one of the main building blocks of the NXT brand and found some success outside of this brand as the winner of the Mae Young Classic 2018 tournament.

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In 2021, she was called from NXT to the main roster, ending specifically on the SmackDown brand, and what happened after that was a roller coaster ride.

Storm arrived on the mark just as WWE was rebuilding its regular touring schedule, and then was not heavily featured until late 2021 where she mended in a quick feud with Charlotte Flair, resulting in one match. of the SmackDown Women’s Championship which aired on Christmas Eve.

As first reported by Sean Ross Sapp, Toni secured his release from his WWE contract on Thursday, December 29. Just before that she was featured on the Out of Character Podcast with Ryan Satin, where she talked about her push to start and stop on the main roster.

“I was sailing NXT, minding my own business, got called in for a few dark games and I didn’t think too much about it or too excited. I just went with it. I did a few dark matches, tried my best, and next thing I know, I’m on SmackDown. Since then, it’s been a crazy race. I am a different person, a different being, a whole different thing ”, said Toni, who also said she found out she would be moving to SmackDown the same day.

Speaking of NXT’s move to the main roster, Toni looks like it’s a whole different thing and she couldn’t wait to find her A-Game on the main roster.

“The entirety. It’s a whole new set of changes and a whole new learning curve. I have a new appreciation … obviously I have an undying respect for this industry, that’s what I’ve been doing all my life, but now I have so much respect for what people do here. It really is impeccable quality. I’m doing everything I can to improve myself and show that I can hang on here. Mentally, I’m in a whole different ball game. I need to get my A-Game, not that I haven’t been on my A-Game, but it’s new, fresh, exciting.

Speaking about her relationship with Vince McMahon, Storm said she hasn’t had a chance to get to know him better yet, but looks forward to having more opportunities to chat with the President.

“We have only had a few discussions so far. We haven’t had the chance to really get to know each other yet. I’m sure if I can keep doing a good job and slap the taste of this girl [Charlotte Flair] mouth, maybe there will be more talk.

Toni Storm also spoke about the frustration of the start and stop push, noting that she tried to keep the faith as she sat in the catering because in the fight you never know when your moment. might happen.

“It’s the worst because you don’t know. Obviously, the fight is so unpredictable. Next week you could go into the Main Event and win a title and it could all be … or nothing. You do not know. It’s show business. When you’re stuck in the restaurant business, it’s not a good feeling to just sit there and wait for your bang or your big break. “When am I next?” What’s going on ‘so when things start to happen I’m always like [deep breath]. “

Ultimately, Toni has now left WWE but left her mark in promotion during her few years with the company.

We will continue to monitor the stories surrounding his release and report more as they become available.

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