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Customers review Hiba and Laila Saab’s food trailer offerings, Homemade Freshly Mediterranean

Photos by Kelly Presnell, Arizona Daily Star

It’s easy to cook meals like mom did when mom cooks by your side.

Just ask Hiba Saab, co-owner of the new food trailer, Homemade Freshly Mediterranean.

A little over a month ago, after a year of delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Saab opened his business, specializing in Lebanese cuisine, with his mother, Laila Saab.

The two settled daily on the northwest corner of South Pantano Road and East 22nd Street, amid the remains of an old gas station where popular local chain Serial Grillers debuted.

Saab, 39, said his mother had taught him the correct ways to prepare Lebanese food since he was a child in Beirut.

“I used to interfere with his cooking, but I got more serious when I was 11 or 12,” Saab said. “I got good at it eventually. She showed me the basics.

Hiba Saab, left, and her mother, Laila, work closely together to fill orders as owners of Homemade Freshly Mediterranean.

Arizona Daily Star Kelly Presnell

These years of class are reflected in the extensive menu that Homemade Freshly posts outside of its trailer during its opening hours Tuesday through Saturday.

Offerings include sweet falafels, dolma and baklava, a plate of kofta, grilled chicken wrap, and beef and chicken shawarma dishes.

Saab said shawarma, thin slices of meat roasted on an upright rotisserie, was his favorite food growing up.


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