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For many of us, ordering takeout Favorite dining has become the norm as venues have increased take-out and delivery services over the past year. Now that the December holidays are just around the corner, here’s an ongoing list of places announcing the availability of a festive meal to go. Make sure to check with each restaurant to make sure you receive your order by the deadline, as many close orders from this weekend.

Dining & Events at Beacon Hill
You’d expect a catering company to give you options, but Beacon Hill is on top of them for the holidays. For a group of four, order from the Beacon At Home menu: ham, a gourmet potato gratin, salad and rolls ($ 75). Expecting a huge crowd or looking for a way to thank your (small) staff? Order the Festive Family Meal package ($ 65 each, order of 12 people minimum) and choose from three menus each including a dessert, rolls, green vegetables, meat protein and a side dish. Beacon Hill even delivers! Add wine, more desserts and even a hand-printed souvenir card (aw!). Details on or call 509-482-3556.

You’ve reached the end of the year, which requires an extra-special meal for six: a herb-crusted prime rib, kale cream, golden mashed potatoes, and a tasty baguette (220 $). Available for delivery, pickup or, if you change your mind, and prefer to dine on site. View the full Christmas dinner menu online. Details on or dial 509-328-5965.
Leon’s Foods
Tamaladas, or tamale-making reunions, are a tradition in many families, who join forces to prepare, fill and wrap these tasty packets of goodness. Order yours at De Leon’s North Spokane store (509-483-3033), Valley store (509-926-5009) or online, and choose from Chicken or Pork ($ 27 / dozen), or Beef or cheese with chopped peppers ($ 30 / dozen). Looking for sides with that? De Leon’s offers tamales as one of four options on its family takeout, which also includes rice and beans ($ 39). Details on

Eat Good Group
Pick up an unconventional meal to reheat and eat ($ 125; for four to six) at one of three locations: Yards Bruncheon, Eat Good Café, or Honey Eatery and Social Club. The meal, which can also be ordered a la carte, includes Pekingese pork, Korean honey-butter-glazed broccolini, fried rice, roasted winter squash, a chopped salad with a miso-au-vinaigrette dressing. sesame and buns. Details on or dial 208-456-3456.

Highland Golf Course
Chef Molly Patrick cooks a Highland feast for four with four options: turkey ($ 85), ham ($ 100), lamb ($ 125), or New York steak ($ ​​180). Each dinner includes a salad and four sides, like orange glazed carrots and roasted butternut squash, as well as salad and buns. Several desserts are available at an additional cost. Details on or call 208-773-3673.

Izzy’s comfort kitchen
Gluten free for the holidays? No problem. The cranberry glazed pork, au gratin potatoes, green beans with mushrooms, turkey stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and butter rolls are all gluten-free at Izzy ($ 175, for four to six). Gluten-free supplements include cold cuts ($ 75) and apple cake ($ 25), or opt for the morning pack, with mimosas for two, hot chocolate for the kids and chocolate-coated carrots … for the reindeer. Details on or call 208-930-0930.

Longhorn barbecue

Make it a country Christmas with classic Longhorn ribs, chicken and Texas-style sausage, plus barbecue beans, a side salad, and cornbread to feed four to five people ($ 68 ). Details Grill or call Airway Heights (509-838-8372) or Spokane Valley (509-924-9600).

River Store Pack
With turkey (Thanksgiving) and with ham at the Pack River store in Sandpoint. Pre-order a take out for four with homemade ham, cheesy mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, a green bean casserole and a decadent chocolate cake with whipped cream, salted caramel and nuts candied ($ 100 or $ 28 / person). Looking for appetizers or desserts? Pack River has you covered there too, with snack foods like baked brie with blueberry jam ($ 22) or a cookie platter ($ 8). Details on or call 208-263-2409.
Shawn O’Donnell’s American Grill & Irish Pub
Classic Glazed Ham is the star starter in Shawn O’Donnell’s Vacation Package ($ 100, for five to six). Accompaniments include mashed potatoes au gratin, bacon broccolini, cranberry stuffing, a variation of the restaurant’s emerald salad, and soda bread. Add a pumpkin pie or bread pudding for just $ 20 more. Details on or call 509-919-4798.

Continuing on the barbecue theme, Spokane Valley’s SmokeRidge offers several meat-smoking feasts. The “big” ham feast ($ 159) includes 9-11 pounds of cured ham, mashed potatoes and gravy and two sides, or cook up a similar turkey feast ($ 89). SmokeRidge offers plenty of add-ons, from dessert to sides, as well as party platters for the feast before the feast. Details on barbecue or call 509-710-3426.

The Coeur d’Alene Resort
Like it did for Thanksgiving, the resort cooks dinner in style for local pickup or delivery ($ 30- $ 40 delivery charge). Choose from four options: roast turkey with sausage and mushroom stuffing ($ 400, feeds 14) prime rib ($ 616, feeds 10; $ 870 feeds 24); smoked ham ($ 121, feeds 20) or salmon ($ 250, feeds 14). All meals include four types of appetizers, choice of soup, salad, roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes and Beverly’s famous orange rolls, as well as dessert. Details on or call 800-365-8338.
Old TT Iron Brewery

Just add your own side dishes and let TT take care of the meat, including the cooked whole ham ($ 100, feeds 10-12); turkey breast ($ 60, feeds 6-8); Grilled beef brisket ($ 175, feeds 10-12). Details on or call 509-919-4798.

Old Square Kitchen NOLA
Pre-order a Christmas dinner for two or four ($ 70 / $ 130) to bring some N’Awlins flavor home for the holidays. Start with a cranberry crusted brie with jalapenos, followed by a Cajun beef bourguignon, a white bean and potato gratin, maple glazed carrots, homemade bread and a apple pie with caramel mascarpone for dessert. These are also available à la carte. Details on or call 509-495-1400.

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