The nightclub industry sees few problems in the first “1G party”

The first night out with the new 1G testing policy didn’t seem to cause any major issues at the doorsteps of nightclubs and other businesses. Organizers of a carnival party at the Music Dome in Kerkrade and a techno party at De Marktkantine in Amsterdam said almost all visitors had their test certificates in order.

On Friday, many major restaurant establishments opened their doors for the first time since the start of the pandemic for an old-fashioned club or party night, without coronavirus restrictions. For occasions where more than 500 people gather, a negative Covid test is required. The Music Dome and De Marktkantine received many questions about the new test rules in advance.

About 2,400 carnival celebrants attended the party in Kerkrade, organizer Ramon Luckers told ANP on Friday evening. Almost everyone had their QR code in order, he said. A handful of revelers were turned away at the gate due to a problem with their test certificate.

According to Luckers, these were mostly people who had tested positive, but had a certificate of recovery with them. “It’s very confusing,” Luckers said. “Because they have a certificate of recovery and therefore are actually cured, but you can still test positive a few weeks after recovering. The response was that, unfortunately, we still have to adhere to the testing policy.

At De Marktkantine, the approximately 2,000 tickets for the techno party have all been sold out. An hour and a half after the doors opened, the Amsterdam club had refused about fifteen people who did not have their test certificates in order.

“I have to say everything went well for me,” said an employee. “Maybe most of them had bought a ticket at the last minute and ignored the testing rules. And maybe there was a tourist among them too.

Nachtbelang, an organization representing Dutch nightclubs, had previously announced that the testing policy for big clubs was not expected to work well. The organization felt that people would not want to get tested until a night out.

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