The National Restaurant Association will hold a conclave for the food and beverage industry on September 13

The National Restaurant Association will hold a conclave for the food and beverage industry on September 13

Hyderabad, September 12 (KNN) The Indian Restaurant Conclave 2022 (TIRC) will be held at the Hyderabad International Convention Center on September 13.

The one-day conclave is organized by the Hyderabad Chapter of the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI).


The objective of the event is to educate operators as well as help bridge the gap between the organized sector and the unorganized sector in terms of food safety, hygiene standards, education and skill development. people in general.

The event is set to host over a thousand delegates including restaurant industry players and prominent Indian restaurateurs such as AD Singh, Riyaaz Amlani, Nitin Saluj, Racheal Goenka, Gautam Gupta, Priyanka Sukhika and many more. It will also see more than 50 speakers dealing with topics related to the food and beverage industry.

During the conclave, NRAI will host two two-panel discussions covering topics impacting the restaurant industry, targeted to meet the demands of CEOs and CXOs, chefs, owners and various marketing teams. The conclave will consist of a large exhibition area and a plenary session with over 1000 delegates attending from over 26 cities.

Speaking at the conclave, Chief Shankar Krishnamurthy said, “We will discuss friendly policies on ease of doing business, over-regulation and over-licensing, to challenges faced when dealing with various state-level authorities. and hyperlocal. “

The NRAI founded in 1982 represents over 5,00,000 restaurants, QSRs, bars, cloud kitchens and catering, across India. With an estimated annual turnover of Rs 4,23,865 crore, India’s catering industry employs over 73,00,000 people, making it the 3rd largest employer in the country.

According to reports, NRAI Hyderabad is also expecting to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Telangana government during the conclave with the aim of working together to further strengthen the catering sector.

The NRAI will also hold its 40th Annual General Meeting during the conclave. (KNN Office)

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