The huge diner TikTok couldn’t believe was sitting in a restaurant

A ICT Tac The user posted a video that was just eight seconds long but quickly went viral after a group of 91 guests showed up at his Olive Garden without any warning. The video simply shows the TikToker and co-workers shaking their heads in disbelief while showing the software confirming their massive table with the text “we’re not closing tn”. In the comments of the original video and a follow-up video then another Answerthe user explained that the guests were from a sports tournament and ended up sitting in two sections, and mentioned that since she was the host, she didn’t know how much they tipped or what was their bill.

The comments section was simply stunned by the unexpected turnout. One user said: “I can’t believe this is allowed, anything over 12 requires a booking approved by the manager at my job.” Others were just amazed that a group like this hadn’t tried to order food service, with one user adding: “I don’t know how people aren’t embarrassed to come in with so many people without prior notice.” At the very least, $ophy doesn’t mention any members of the party, which no doubt helped ease the flood of guests – although she says the restaurant continued to seat up to twelve tables around the 91 guests. surprises.

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