Tatler Dining Kitchen presents Uza by Nikushou, a different izakaya

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in full swing and Japan in the lead, the launch of Uza by Nikushou in August is our little way to bring a slice of izakaya life to the city. Imagined and animated by chef-restaurateur Anthony Ng, from beloved yakiniku specialist Nikushou, Uza is a new take on the Japanese den with unagi (freshwater eel) as the hero ingredient. In fact, the name of the restaurant is a simple fusion of unagi and izakaya.

A single tasting menu will be served, showcasing seasonal Japanese ingredients with three iterations of unagi – in a delicate steamed, crispy and toasted sansho pepper cream, and like a classic unagi-don – and a series of unconventional izakaya dishes. The golden chicken karaage, for example, is paired with tangy mala chicken liver mayonnaise, while delicate little gyoza include Saga white pork and the coveted 3-star Taiwanese shallot. Each dish is thoughtfully paired with sake or wine, and starts off with a glass of Ng’s homemade umeshu on ice – a tangy, slightly sweet elixir to pair with a stellar starter of seafood and summer vegetables moriawase with some dashi vinegar and frozen plum wine. Ng sources two types of unagi: large locally sourced eels for crispy grilled unagi and smaller ones from famous Lake Hamanako in Japan to feature in chawanmushi and unagi don. Another highlight is the sababouzushi, an iconic item at Nikushou from mackerel over sushi rice that has been cooked and seasoned by the Sukiyabashi Jiro team.

Customers dining at Uza will get an exclusive taste of what to expect at the chef-restaurateur of the same name’s next project – a multi-faceted dining space serving both a la carte and omakase menus, complete with a counter. full chef who will host various pop-up experiences and guest chef appearances. The restaurant is expected to open by the end of the year.

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