Sri Lankan Curry From Scratch with O Tama Carey

What is on the menu:

  • Cashew curry
  • Lunu Miris (hot onion sauce)
  • Dal
  • Homemade white curry powder

Cumin seeds and curry leaves fried in coconut oil. Versatile homemade curry powder. Rich cashews and coconut cream cut with crisp lime juice. Here are some of the tastes and smells of O Tama Carey’s home cooking in Sri Lanka, and she’s here to welcome you. The author of “Lanka Food” and owner of the restaurant “Lankan Filling Station” in Sydney, Australia, O Tama will start by teaching you how to make your own curry powder, a unique “white” mixture made from unroasted spices. Then we’ll put this mixture to good use in a cashew curry. This isn’t a nut-scattered afterthought curry: the cashews are the star, and they make this curry so satisfying no one will guess it’s actually vegan. Next, she will prepare lunu miris, one of Sri Lanka’s most beloved sambols. It’s a complex combination of dried fish flakes, chili peppers, onions and spices, and once you try it, you won’t want to be without this spicy, umami-rich condiment. To complete the meal, we will prepare a batch of incredibly delicious single dhal, a dish that O Tama calls “a thing of beauty and comfort”. Using inexpensive lentils and easy-to-find aromatics, dhal is the best in home cooking. You’ll learn how to make one that’s anything but dull with the addition of mustard seeds, turmeric, and cinnamon. As we cook, you will learn about the geographical and historical forces that have shaped Sri Lankan cuisine.

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