[sponsor] Grubhub Best of 2021: Ten Great New York dumpling spots

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Have you ever been to a restaurant with dumplings on the menu and NOT ordered a plate or two for the table? A bit impossible, right? Some are better than others, of course, so here are some of the tastiest Chinese dumplings we’ve eaten recently, whether in soup, steamed, boiled, or fried, in both places. new and classic, semi-chic and decidedly not. There are a ton of dumplings that will only fill you with regret, but that’s not them.

As we head into the colder part of winter, and with all the sudden uncertainty as to whether it would be safer to take another meal break indoors, order a meal delivered to home via Grubhub is not only a more comfortable option than sitting at a sidewalk table, it won’t cause Covid anxiety either. Plus, it’s a great way to support your favorite local spot, or try a new one, during what seems like another tough season for restaurants.

Lower East Side Public Village

Although the pandemic did not allow Jia Song and Chief Kiyomi Wang to fully realize their dream of making Public village on Essex Street somewhere to eat, drink, chat, and linger all night long, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of great food that comes out of the kitchen here. First opened three days before the lockdown in March 2020, Public Village has a full menu of terrific Sichuan dishes, including a bunch of different noodles, meat or veggie snacks and sides, and of course. , a lovely bowl of chili dumplings in oil, all plump with pork and fiery as hell. Get a big delivery of everything and create a friendly community gathering (i.e. sit down and hang out with your friends) in your home!

Public Village is located at 23 Essex Street – Order now

Great taste in Chinatown

This stretch of Lower Eldridge Street is packed with old-fashioned Chinatown noodle shops and scuba diving, but the best is Great taste, who introduced NYC to Lanzhou Hand Drawn Noodles in 2005 and looks like it’s been way longer than she was 16 years old. The steamed pork and chive meatballs from here are excellent, especially after putting in some crispy chili oil (a necessary homemade condiment, in our opinion), but if you ever spot the Super Taste boiled beef meatballs. on the menu, order with abandon. They are the best in town.

Super Taste is located at 26 Eldridge Street – Order now

Mimi Cheng in the East Village, Nolita and Upper West Side

Sisters Cheng Hannah and Marian pay homage to their mother, Mimi, every day at this trio of semi-trendy, rock-solid dumpling shops. All to At Mimi Cheng is made from scratch, using long-standing family recipes and carefully selected high-quality ingredients, and everything is delicious. We get the pan-fried version of any dumpling that suits our mood – they make these crispy bottoms as good as anyone around – which often ends up being the special of the month, a collaboration between the Chengs and another chef. local, like the tender Peking Duck Dumplings pictured above, or the Emmy Burger, Chicken Satay or Buffalo Chicken. Add Taiwanese Street-Cart Greens to your order and suddenly you have a healthy dumpling dinner in your home.

Mimi Cheng’s has locations in the East Village, Nolita, and on UWS Order now

Shu Jiao Fu Zhou in Chinatown

The prices are so low in this no-frills place that newcomers tend to laugh a little and whisper to each other when deciding what to order, like they’re getting away with something. And that’s after they raised all the prices a short while ago! Anyway, Shu Jiao Fu Zhou moved from their long-standing corner of Eldridge Street to slightly larger digs on Grand, but everything is decent here and generally a little better than that, like this lovely wrinkled, fat pork, and easy-to-devour tenner. They are served without chili oil, Fujian style, but when you order with Grubhub you can always add whatever you want to your home.

Shu Jiao Fu Zhou is located at 295 Grand Street – Order now

Real Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen in Hell’s Kitchen

Real Kung Fu Small Buns Steamed Ramen Almost certainly wins the trophy for the name of the longest restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, but, thankfully, this no-frills place on Eighth Avenue has a whole load of extremely satisfying dishes, too. The steamed buns of the same name, or Xiao Long Bao (or soup dumplings), are great, as are any other dumplings, whether they are pan-fried and stuffed with pork or steamed and stuffed with fish. Ramen is also a good idea here, although I prefer their interpretation of a nice, fatty stir-fry to the more common noodle bowls. Get some Bubble Tea to add to the fun at home. Note that there is also a Ghost Kitchen Outpost at City center is, expanding the delivery area.

RKFLSBR is located at 811 Eighth Ave – Order now

The Bao in East Village

There’s a long list of Chinese cuisine’s biggest hits on the menu at this popular seven-year-old restaurant located in the main party area of ​​St. Marks, and whether you eat here or have it delivered to your home via Grubhub, almost anything will be as good as you need it to be when gulped down with a few beers. But what does The Bao a star of New York dumplings is the Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao, or soup dumplings, which are both a model of fine construction – they sag precariously when you pick them up from the basket, but they don’t sag. not break – and exceptionally tasty. The soup inside is really the key here, a slightly tangy broth worth savoring. And remember, the privacy of your home is a great place to practice your soup-dumpling technique.

The Bao is located at 13, Piazza San Marco – Order now

Spicy Moon in East Village and Greenwich Village

The East Village has one of the largest concentrations of top-notch Chinese food restaurants in town, specializing in almost every regional cuisine imaginable, but the only 100% vegan Sichuan place we know of is the big one. Spicy moon on East 6th Street, which opened about three years ago and continues to offer all kinds of fantastic, and often quite fiery, food from their psychedelic store. And they are on the west side now too ! Order with confidence anywhere on the menu – the mighty Dan Dan noodles, Mapo tofu, Kung Pao mixed veg, salt and pepper eggplant are all winners – but regardless, you should start your meal with it. these tangy Steamed Vegetable Dumplings, which pack lots of flavor and textural intrigue in their plump wrappers.

Spicy Moon has locations in East Village and Greenwich village Order now

Shanghai Asian in Chinatown

For decades now, this cramped Elizabeth Street restaurant has been a gathering space for locals, who come for the warm and familiar environment, the expansive menu of home-made Shanghai classics, and, to our point here, what has been called the best dumpling soup in town. These lovely black truffle soup balls are just like Shanghai Asian regular pork delicacies, but with just the right amount of mushroom on top to give it a funky kick. Order them, then hit town with the rest of the menu for a home feast in Shanghai without having to get comfortable around strangers.

Shanghai Asian is located at 14A Elizabeth Street – Order now

Milu as a nomad

Chef Connie Chung and her Milu co-founders Vincent Chao and Milan Sekulio gave up their careers in the world of fine dining (Eleven Madison Park, etc.) to open this decidedly simple and definitely delicious serving counter in Gramercy. The menu at Snowy is anchored by Chung’s rice bowls, garnished with things like mandarin duck, a fiery brisket from Yunnan, and spicy Sichuan cauliflower, but don’t sleep on the exceptional Wonton here, stuffed with pork and fennel or broccoli and mushrooms and generously splashed with a chili and ginger sauce.

And for dessert, also make sure you have a few sweet, tangy and juicy pineapple buns from Milu, which explode with vanilla custard from the first bite.

Milu is located at 333 Park Avenue South – Order now

Noodle Village in Chinatown

Huge menu, generic decor, a little chaotic atmosphere, tourists and locals in roughly equal parts … Noodle village is a bit of a Chinatown cliché, which, of course, isn’t a bad thing at all. The regular dumplings here, boiled or fried, are good, but the Wonton soup is great, as are these steamed crab soup dumplings, which packs a ton of seafood flavor in their neat little wrappers. A solid starting point on Mott Street, especially handy if you’re in charge of a group of out-of-town residents … and these days, even better when ordered for delivery via Grubhub, for a pleasant evening soup-dumpling at home.

Noodle Village is located at 13, rue Mott – Order now

New Yorkers can continue to support these institutions by exploring new places or ordering their favorite meals with Grubhub. And with the Grubhub Guarantee, New Yorkers get their food delivered on time and at the lowest prices – guaranteed or Grubhub will get it right. If your delivery arrives late, you will receive $ 5 off your next order, and if you find a lower price from a competitor, Grubhub will match the difference, and you will get $ 5 off your next order. Consider supporting a neighborhood business and treat yourself to delicious food delivered right to your door!

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