Split Gastroadvent at Chops Grill Celebrates Prosciutto, Joy and Radio Journalists

December 19, 2021 – Split Gastroadvent at Chops Grill presented an impressive culinary display of steak and prosciutto inspired dishes as radio reporters were honored on Sunday.

Radio journalists and representatives of tourist offices and project partners lit the fourth Gastroadvent candle, decorating the wreath made this year by artist Tonka Alujević. Along with Mediterranean herbs, the crown represents a lifeline, which Tonka says is a maritime object that serves to save a man who, for various reasons, is powerless at sea and in danger of death. And that is exactly the health and political situation we find ourselves in right now. ”

Gastroadvent is a unique event that has promoted the Mediterranean diet for decades through a fusion of nutrition, gastronomy and tourism. Through the engagement and participation of dedicated journalists, who continue to bring light to Split, the event persistently shares the scientific knowledge woven into gastronomic skills, the many health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the preparation of dishes from unique ingredients. The philosophy of the event is to pass on existing benefits to fellow citizens and to offer them to guests.


The Mediterranean diet is not a closed, definite list of foods or a list of dishes that guarantees the flow of this diet pattern. This is evident in how UNESCO described the Mediterranean diet in 2010 when it recognized it as intangible cultural heritage:

“Mediterranean nutrition is a set of skills, knowledge, practices and traditions ranging from the field to the table, including cultivation, harvesting, fishing, canning, processing, preparation and, in in particular, food consumption. The Mediterranean diet is characterized by a food pattern that has remained unchanged over time and space and consists mainly of olive oil, grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, moderate amounts of fish, milk. and meat, and many spices and a moderate consumption of wine, respecting the habits of each community.

Today, science and the protagonists are not talking about the Mediterranean diet, but about the Mediterranean diet mode, which is not just a list of foods and dishes. The term mentioned covers a much wider spectrum, so our gathering also shows that, ”said Gastroadvent organizer Olja Martinić.


Inspired by prosciutto and herbs, the culinary table was designed and prepared by the chef of Chops Grill, Ivan Nikolic, the sous-chef Toma Tripalo and the pastry chef Filipa Jurcević. The menu included prosciutto donuts, bomboline, classic cold prosciutto / cheese platters with homemade fig jam and pickled vegetables, baked fruit wrapped in prosciutto served with mozzarella burrata, made Žrnovo macaroni homemade with prosciutto and truffles, pieces of steak with prosciutto and plums, monkfish with prosciutto, and much more.




And for dessert, Chocolate Cake and Raspberry Almond Grandma’s Cake, to name a few.

Rizman wine accompanied the delicious dishes. The philosophy of the Rizman cellar is based on a long wine tradition and an ecological approach in the vineyard and the cellar.

“With this ecological certificate, we give legitimacy to the original and indigenous thing that we are looking for. Since the great-grandfather of Rizman, who was not driven from the hearth by the mildew and who came back and replanted the vineyard in the Neretva valley, we have tirelessly told the story of the harmony of man and nature, stone and vine.


We tell a story about sustainability, about the great potential of indigenous Dalmatian and Croatian varieties, about our ecological vineyards from the youngest Croatian vineyard Komarna. “

Split-Dalmatia County and Split-Dalmatia County Tourism Board are strong supporters of Gastroadvent in Split, promoting the Mediterranean diet and local producers, entrepreneurs and tourism workers.

The Split Tourist Office has worked hard to position the destination, naturally combining history, gastronomy and modernity, all to protect the components of the Mediterranean diet. The city of Split is determined to support projects that benefit its residents and demand guests after authentic experiences and new technological opportunities.

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce has been campaigning for years to encourage the representation of national products and since 1997 has implemented the national project “Let’s buy from Croatian”. The project aims to increase the consumption of local products and thus support the economy. This project is of particular importance, underlined by director Joze TomaÅ¡, and confirmed by the cooperation with Gastroadvent.

JU RERA SD, within the framework of the MD.net project aimed at creating innovative food products, cooperated with primary and secondary schools in Split-Dalmatia County and stakeholders involved in the production or marketing of Mediterranean food products and the promotion of the Mediterranean way of life. The MD.net project focuses on development opportunities and problem solving related to the popularization of the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is part of the Mediterranean identity inscribed on the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. The project aims to strengthen research in this field in accordance with the UNESCO Convention on Mediterranean Nutrition, improve the quality of nutrition and life in 9 project partner countries and promote the Mediterranean diet, recognized as the gold standard of good nutrition with health benefits.

In addition to the desire to involve as many people as possible and to bring them closer to the importance of the Mediterranean diet in everyday life, as well as its impact on their health, the other objective of the project is to establish a standard. in the Med Diet. Logo of the declaration to classify Mediterranean areas. The ultimate goal of the Declaration award is to position Split-Dalmatia County as a sought-after Mediterranean culinary region.

Split Gastroadvent takes place every Advent Sunday in a new location, honoring a different group of journalists with new culinary creations at each event.

To learn more about the way of life in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN page.

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