Scream Truck is the new text for ordering an ice cream truck in New Jersey

Remember those hot summer days when you frantically chased your neighborhood ice cream truck every time you heard that familiar clink? Remember how you prayed for his attention in the rearview mirror after rushing to collect loose bills from your house to pay for your favorite popsicle? Phew! Stress!

Photo by Fiaz Mohammed on Unsplash

Photo by Fiaz Mohammed on Unsplash

That’s to say then yesterday. What if you could be notified when the ice cream truck is coming with a simple text message?

Presentation scream truck – “A fleet of experiential, on-demand ice cream trucks delivering year-round happiness!” And they are based at New Jersey!

How does Scream Truck work?

Scream Truck works by operating in specific neighborhoods in New Jersey. Once you become a registered customer, you will be notified when they are in your neighborhood. From there, you can text them to request a tour along their route! The ice comes to you!

Step 1: Sign up to add your address to their itinerary.

2nd step: Turn on your notifications so they can let you know when they’re in your neighborhood.

Step 3: Request a tour by texting “Y” for “Yes! I would like to request a tour.” Then they’ll link you to their menu so you can pre-order and your ice cream will come to you!

Watch this video for an overview of their neighborhood routes!

What kind of ice cream does Scream Truck offer?

Keep forgetting about that old fashioned ice cream truck with basic ice cream flavors and popsicles. THESE hot pink trucks serve up next-level delicacies.

Their menu offers specialties soft cones, sundaes, milkshakesand build yours the creations. Start with your base flavor of vanilla, chocolateWhere turn ice cream and jazz it up with high-quality toppings and drizzles, like cookie dough, crushed oreos, chocolate bar pieces, gummy bears, whipped cream – same Ghirardelli Hot Fudge, and more!

the possibilities are limitless

You can also book them for events! Sign up on their websitesend them a request and look for a hot pink truck driving down your street!

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