Savi Provisions to come to Northside Parkway

Savi Provisions, a Georgia-based market and delicatessen, to move to a new location in 4403 Northside Parkway Suite 170.

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A change of ownership was filed last month by the franchisee Savi Provisions Hereen Petel for a space that belonged to an Italian restaurant called Adalina. Unit covers nearly 6,000 square feet of second-generation dining space, under lease agreement SEO. The space also includes a 1,414 square foot outdoor patio overlooking the Riverside substation development.

When What Now Atlanta reached out to Patel for comment, he confirmed the details, but said, “We don’t have an idea for the opening date yet. There is still work to be done and we are waiting for a few more permits. “

The market offers freshly prepared food options, including the use of a vacuum technique to vacuum seal proteins and sides to retain their freshness and flavor.

There are also weekly wine, cheese and bread specials, with membership options to be the first to know about all weekly offers.

In addition to this, each of the markets so far offers tastings of their wines, beers and liquors. Moreover, you can use their catering services or organize a private event.

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