Sammy’s Sandwich Shop in Woodlawn named best burger in Alabama. We decided to try it.

They say that Sammy’s Sandwich Shop in Woodlawn serves the best burger in Alabama, what do you think? (Nathan Watson/Bham Now)

Earlier this month, Only in your state named Sammy’s Sandwich Shop home of Alabama’s best burger. As a lifelong burger lover, I knew I had to try it – keep reading to learn more about Sammy’s Sandwich Shop!

Serving Woodlawn since 1962

Sidney Bajjalieh of Sammy’s Sandwich Shop in Woodlawn. (Nathan Watson/Bham Now)

Located in Woodlawn, along the Messer Airport Highway, Sammy’s Sandwich Shop has been a beloved family restaurant for six decades. Founded in 1962 by the Bajjalieh family, Sammy’s Sandwich Shop is currently run by Sidney Bajjalieh and his parents, Johnny and Susan. Sidney has been at Sammy’s for 24 years, while Johnny and Susan have been behind the counter for 56 – cooking delicious meals is truly in their DNA!

“It’s such a blessing to be able to work with my mum and dad every day here at Sammy’s because I know they’ve worked hard to give my sister and I the opportunities we have. We all work hard every day. days, but we have such a loyal customer base that probably hundreds of thousands of people have walked through those doors over the years. It doesn’t matter if we haven’t seen you in five days, five months, or five years; we’ll remember you. and you’ll remember the food was just as tasty now as the last time you were here.”

Sidney Bajjalieh

(Nathan Watson/Bham Now)

Hanging from the walls of Sammy’s Sandwich Shop are numerous awards, honors and other recognitions from local and national entities. However, being named “Best Burger” is not the goal.

“Sammy’s has twice been a finalist for The Birmingham News’ Best Burger Award, and we’ve had other items and plaques. But for me, it was never about getting awards. It’s about that client or customer who’s been coming to Sammy’s for years; I know him and he knows me and I know his normal order by heart. I want accolades from him. I want our customers to like us more than anything.

Sidney Bajjalieh

The best burger in Alabama

My unique burger at Sammy’s Sandwich Shop. (Nathan Watson/Bham Now)

So what did I think of the burger? That was delicious. Rather than ordering a regular cheeseburger, I had Sidney prepare my burger the way they recommend – and boy, am I glad I did.

At the heart of every Sammy’s burger is a fresh, hand-wrapped beef patty. Mine was loaded with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, two different types of American cheese, and center cut bacon, all sandwiched between two fresh buns. To top it off, I had fresh fries and homemade ranch for dipping – yum!

Of course, Sammy’s doesn’t just serve burgers – you’ll have to visit their full menu, but I’ve heard that the Hamburger Steak, Beef Rider Sandwich, and Chicken Rider are all crowd favorites.

What’s your favorite dish to order from Sammy’s Sandwich Shop? Tag us @bhamnow to let us know!

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