Restaurant Road Trip: Linsan Soul Food

MORGANTOWN, WV — This week’s restaurant road trip takes us to Morgantown for cuisine that will satisfy your taste buds and your mind. Between the many dining options on the High Street in Morgantown is Linsan – a soul food restaurant that brings new cuisine to North Central West Virginia.

“It’s like your mothers, your black mothers are cooking. You know, home-made by your mothers, some of the copycats that you bring to the table,” said Cynthea Brown, director of Linsan Soul Food.

Their menu is constantly changing to offer a variety of fresh dishes made to order. Some main dishes you can find are fried chicken, fried fish, lamb chops, smothered chicken, chicken and shrimp alfredo, and meatloaf.

“There are places that sell fried fish and fried chicken and stuff like that, but I don’t think they have the whole soul food base, the soul food energy that we’re trying to bring,” Brown said.

Side dishes include mashed potatoes, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, cornbread and more. They also offer desserts like banana and Oreo pudding. It’s something that Brown says is unique to the region.

“I think we don’t have places to eat soul food. Something that fills you up…it tastes good and it’s good for your body too,” Brown said.

Linsan has only been open for a few months, but Brown said they are doing well despite the pandemic. She also said that they plan to add DoorDash and Mountie Bountie payment options in the future.

You can find Linsan at 330 High Street in Morgantown. They are open Tuesday to Sunday from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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