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Assemblyman Matt Simpson, R-Horicon, successfully named the Queensbury Hotel to the New York State Historic Business Preservation Registry on May 18. Telescope Casual Furniture in Granville was also successfully named by Simpson.

Jay Mullen, the post office star

GLENS FALLS — Tyler Herrick, general manager of the Queensbury Hotel, said he and the rest of the team were delighted when Assemblyman Matt Simpson, R-Horicon, called his office.

Simpson announced that the Queensbury Hotel, along with Telescope Casual Furniture in Granville, was successfully named to the New York State Historic Business Preservation Registry on May 18.

Herrick said Simpson first contacted him in February about the possibility of being nominated.

“They were considering naming us based on our history in the community and just being a long-time mainstay in downtown Glens Falls,” Herrick said.

In a press release, Simpson said both companies are staples in their respective Warren and Washington counties.

The registry program provides educational and promotional assistance to help ensure continued business success. Businesses are eligible for tax credits as well as state and federal historic rehabilitation credits, according to the release.

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The Queensbury

The Queensbury Hotel was previously recognized by the Historic Hotels of America organization. This plaque is located outside the main entrance of the hotel.

Jay Mullen, the post office star

Herrick said Spruce Hospitality was delighted to receive this recognition for the hotel.

When Spruce Hospitality first took over the property in 2016, one of the first things the new owners accomplished was getting back on the National Register of Historic Places. Herrick said the team hired a consultant to make this happen.

Earning this recognition contributed to the hotel’s affiliation with Historic Hotels of America, according to Herrick. He said Spruce Hospitality worked with the New York State Office of Historic Preservation during all of the hotel’s renovation projects.

“This distinction, or recognition, is kind of the icing on the cake,” Herrick said.

Ballroom expansion

The Queensbury Hotel ballroom expansion project is progressing.

Herrick said things are going well, all things considered. He noted that D and H Construction was only a few weeks behind schedule and he said he hoped the ballroom would be ready for the events in July.

“Our goal is that if we wanted to use it by July 1, we could,” Herrick said.

The first event booked in the space is the New York State Association of Police Chiefs’ annual conference, which is scheduled to begin on July 24.

He said the plan was to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring the ballroom on July 21.

Last August, Spruce Hospitality and D and H Construction set a schedule and set June as the completion date. Herrick said the crews were originally hoping to put in carpeting by this week.

Now they are set to start this by June 10th.

“It’s all going, (D and H) have been fantastic,” Herrick said. “When you renovate a nearly 100-year-old building and tear down walls, you discover things you didn’t know were there.”

Herrick said D and H Construction encountered some of this during the project, which also contributed to the delay in the 5,200 square foot ballroom extension. There was a section of wall that previously served as the exterior wall of the hotel. When construction crews knocked down some interior walls, they made this discovery and that part of the project had to be put on hold.

Herrick said the reason was that they needed to bring in a structural engineer to make sure they could open up that space to make a hallway. It took a little longer and cost more than expected. However, Herrick said owner Ed Moore wanted to get it right.

“He understands that when you find things behind the walls, now is the time to deal with them.”

Jay Mullen is a journalist for The Post Star covering the city of Glens Falls, Warren County and crime and the courts. You can reach him at 518-742-3224 or [email protected]

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