Popular North Westchester Restaurant offers interesting and upscale Italian dishes

If you are looking for a more upscale type of Italian dinner, not a dinner where the pizzas are tossed in the air, then Oscar’s 2 might be your place.

Located in North Westchester, on a busy stretch of Route 100 in Somers, Oscar’s 2 is a white tablecloth type restaurant with a lovely bar offering sparkling cocktails and interesting and different Italian dishes.

Local critics and foodies seem to love Oscar’s 2 giving the restaurant plenty of five star ratings.

Some of the favorites turn to the wide selection of pasta dishes as well as the homemade tiramisu.

Others emphasized the tender squid with a fork, while still others loved the rice balls and Zupa de Pesce.

The restaurant is one of two Oscars restaurants in the area, the first being in Yorktown Heights. This original location has an equally loyal following.

A glance at the menu shows offerings such as surf and turf, Cento spaghetti with prawns, crumbled sausages and peas in a pink sauce, Capellini Fresca with scallops, fresh tomatoes and arugula in a garlic wine sauce, and a long list of other unique dishes.

You can get your usual spaghetti and meatballs, but why, when you can be adventurous and try something new.

If pasta isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of chicken, veal, and fish dishes as well as hearty salads.

Prices are moderate to high. Cocktails are offered. Children, remember the white tablecloths and the ribbon.

The restaurant is located at 325 NY-100 in Somers.

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