Plant-based diet for the big apple? This is the plan

September 24, 2021 – In 2016, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams battled his diagnosis of type 2 diabetes by adopting a plant-based diet. Now, as the alleged next mayor of New York City, he plans to take his constituents on his “finally healthy” journey.

“It is important to shift our health care system from health care to health care, and there is no greater impact in doing so than looking at how we are fueling the crisis at the government level,” Adams said in an interview. “My response is to introduce a complete plant-based diet to everyday New Yorkers… we will begin the transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Adams, who was a police captain and then state senator before becoming president of the Brooklyn borough in 2013, won the New York mayor’s Democratic primary in June 2021 and is set to win the general election on November 2 by a wide margin.

In October 2020, he published a book, Finally in good health, who recounts his journey from unhealthy eating habits as a police officer, habits that followed him to his elected post, to his life-changing decision to adopt an all-plant diet after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in March 2016, at the age of 56.

It also explains the many drawbacks of the typical Western diet and African-American cultural soul food, reviews some of the scientific evidence supporting plant-based diets for preventing and alleviating chronic health problems, and offers some suggestions. tips for making the switch. In the last chapter, he offers 51 herbal recipes. To learn more about Adams’ journey with diabetes, click here.

Adams cut all animal products from his diet – including meat, poultry, dairy, and fish – and advocates doing so in his book.

But he doesn’t expect all New Yorkers to do the same (at least not yet) and his post won’t use the word “vegan.” Instead, the plan is to make plant-based diets the main menu option in places where the city government feeds people, starting in hospitals and possibly later in prisons and office buildings. from the city. (School meals are under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Agriculture.)

“We’re going to be extremely creative… So instead of automatically giving people bad food, highly processed foods, we’re going to use plants by default. If anyone wants anything other than herbal they can reach out and we’ll make it available, but we’ll start by making people default to herbs, ”he said. declared.

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