Philadelphia Popsicle – A Summer Treat

Philadelphia, PA – Water Ice or Wooder Ice has become a Philadelphia icon, but why? It is a summertime treat combining sugar, water, and various fruits, and is considered one of Philadelphia’s signature summertime treats. To one of the most popular South Philly ice cream parlors, Homemade Italian ice cream from Pop’scustomers have to line up every summer for the frozen treat, to be enjoyed as soon as it arrives.

Philadelphia Popsicle or Wooder Ice

Rita’s water ice

One of the most popular openings in 1984 in Bensalem, opened by former firefighter Bob Tumolo and has since expanded to hundreds of new locations across the United States. Bensalem’s original stand is named after his wife Rita, and the ice cream is made with natural fruits. The ice cream is freshly made daily and tastes divine.

C&C Creamery

Another Philadelphia favorite for popsicle is C&C Creamery, which opened in 1951. The shop offers seasonal flavors and homemade ice cream. In Roxborough, the company’s Philadelphia location offers an extensive menu of Italian ice cream and water floats.

popsicle factory

The Water Ice Factory is a family business in the Port Richmond neighborhood. Although primarily a wholesale business, it supplies many of the city’s most famous water lollies stalls with a wide variety of flavors and hand carts throughout the city.

About Philadelphia Water Ice

Philadelphia water ice has long been synonymous with good times. Unlike shaved ice, water ice in Philadelphia is one of the best ways to cool off on a hot summer day. Its creamy texture and rich flavor make it an incredibly refreshing treat.

Water ice was once a regional specialty in the Philadelphia area, but is now popular across the country. Whether you’re looking for a mango or vanilla flavor, Philadelphians have found their perfect Water-lce. The most popular flavors are Cherry and Lemon.

In summer, it’s hard to resist the sweet, crunchy and icy texture of water ice. If you’re from Philadelphia, you’ll be sure to find it on the streets of the city.

The best way to enjoy popsicle is to visit a stand or store that serves it. The most popular option is at the Italian Market, which offers fresh fruit and other delicious treats. Other water ice points include John’s Water Ice, Dino’s Ice Cream, and the legendary King’s water ice. These are just a few popular places to enjoy the frozen treat in the city. But there are many reasons why water ice is such a Philadelphia icon.

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