Perenn Bakery is a picture perfect

Midtown favorite opens Rancharrah outpost

Stepping into Perenn Bakery is like stepping into a 3D version of the bakery’s Instagram. Clean, angular, and crisp while giving off an inviting warmth, the vibe would encourage anyone to lug around their computer and let the space inspire their own creativity for the day.

After gaining popularity at his Midtown location, Perenn opened a second bakery in Rancharrah to spread the culinary wealth. The result is a perfectly organized space serving food as aesthetically pleasing as the interior itself.

Choose between treats from a crate of fresh baked goods or a healthy plate for breakfast or lunch. Large display cases offer teas, drinks, and small groceries as beautifully presented as anything else in Perenn.

Come in from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day for one of the best quick and casual meals of your life. Head to the immaculate counter and place your order before picking up a delicate gold number and taking a seat at one of the many tables inside or outside. Once ready, which doesn’t take long, your food will be delivered to you. The presentation, of course, is always top notch, but nothing rivals the flavors.

On my inaugural visit to Perenn Bakery, the Croque Madame drew attention. Relation to the more popular croque monsieur, the croque madame is served open, a single slice of fresh sourdough bread topped with mornay, prosciutto cotto, fondant gruyère and topped with a fried egg that oozes over the concoction when you slice it into it. .

Beside, Dijon is available for soaking. Choose between fries or a simple salad (arugula and balsamic on my visit) and don’t forget to have a gourmet coffee or even a beer or a glass of wine to accompany your meal, depending on the time of day.


7700 Rancharrah Drive, Suite 110
Reno, NV 89511
Open everyday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

I cannot rejoice enough in the flavor combinations of these delicious dishes, suitable for breakfast or lunch. I dare say this is probably no coincidence – I would venture to make every item on the menu as good as the next at Perenn’s, creations imagined by the husband-wife team who took care of themselves. is met at the culinary school.

Before you go, grab a pastry – prosciutto and gruyere croissants, morning rolls, cinnamon croissants or a selection of kouign amann – perfect for a sweet breakfast or dessert for later. Or, take home a loaf of homemade bread to enjoy with dinner later in the day. The prices for these gourmet masterpieces may be higher than your grocery store, but nowhere near the high end prices that food justifies.

While the location of Perenn’s Rancharrah is new, it is not the latest in a series of openings planned by the bakery. Keep your eyes peeled for a location in South Lake Tahoe to join the lineup so you can find your fix near the beach without packing a picnic to go.

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