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Parabank offers its customers “normal” installment loans for consumer loans. Applying for a Parabank personal loan – very easy. The loan application, all necessary documents and your valid ID card will lead you to the next one. Jump to What are the experiences with the Parabank loan on the Internet? Compared to other credit options offered online at the time of closing, the experience gained so far with Parabank loans on the Internet is not quite as high.

My Parabank business loans

My Parabank business loans

The Parabank business loan is a installment loan with annuity repayment. The loan amount received, including interest payments, is repaid to Parabank in constant monthly installments. The interest is fixed for the entire term and will not be recharged by Parabank. In this way, you can reliably allocate over the entire loan term.

Parabank business loan direct financing (“loan amount between $ 10,000 and $ 100,000”) can be used for both private and business finance. Do you already have loans from other banks that you would like to replace? Take advantage of the merger of your financing into a Parabank business loan: clarity through an overall tariff and favorable framework conditions.

Even if Parabank is not your main bank, we will be pleased to advise you and provide you with a suitable creditworthiness tailored to your personal requirements. However, the debit interest does not provide any information about additional borrowing costs. They are always included in the determination of the annual percentage to be set in accordance with the Price Regulation, as far as they are necessarily linked to the taking out of loans.

The annual interest rate indicates the effective cost of a loan.

The annual interest rate indicates the effective cost of a loan.

Within the scope of the Regulation on price information, the legislator has specified precisely the places through which credit institutions have to inform their customers. When comparing different loan offers, the annual fee percentage is decisive for the total credit price. The contractual monthly amount (also called pension) is approximately the same over the contract period.

Only the last installments may differ and are therefore shown separately in your loan agreement. At the beginning of the loan contract, the interest on the total installment payment is the largest because the total value is still due for repayment at that time. However, because the overall monthly rate has remained constant over the entire duration, the saved interest also flows into the repayment, so that the repayment portion of the total installments increases until the end of the duration.

You repay the loan amount. When you sign the contract, you will receive a repayment plan that shows how the interest and principal components change over time and what part of the loan you repaid at a certain date. Legal right of withdrawal for consumer loans (only for private individuals): The loan agreement can be revoked within the statutory period of two weeks after delivery of the cancellation instructions and the contract document without giving reasons.

Extended right of return for consumer-type loans (for individuals only): The loan agreement can be withdrawn within the scope of the extended right of return until the 30th day after the expiration of the statutory return period. If you, as a borrower, benefit from this option, you must reimburse the loan amount you have already paid. In addition, the daily interest rate specified in the cancellation policy is to be paid on the payout amount.

You can select the desired term individually. Because the maturities have a direct impact on the monthly installment, you can choose the optimal period for your financial needs and your existing assets. It should be remembered that taking out loans must always be in the right proportion to your assets. Debt capital, which exhausts the financial leeway to the last penny, can contribute to an over-indebtedness of the enterprise with unforeseen additional costs or lower yields.

Secure yourself and your loved ones before – with a very conscious credit! The Parabank business loan directly is intended only for private individuals and a borrower. But we can also offer you a solution for two borrowers and partnerships. 

Your loan application to Parabank is not binding.

Your loan application to Parabank is not binding.

If you have opted for a loan from Parabank, please send us the signed loan agreement and all necessary supporting documents. In the case of a final, positive credit check, the loan amount is immediately transferred to the bank account you have specified. If you reconsider your credit decision, you can easily repay your Parabank installment loan up to the 30th day of the loan’s completion.

In addition, your credit report with Parabank has no impact on your creditworthiness. Your individual status depends on the amount of the loan and your creditworthiness. The granting of loans happens in principle without the assumption of security. We will pay the loan amount immediately after it has been released to the bank account you have specified. The payment can in principle be postponed for up to 3 months after the grant of the loan.

The repayment of your Parabank business loan will take place either on the 15th or the previous month. The creditworthiness of a borrower is defined as the ability to repay a borrowed loan on time and in full. The credit rating of a borrower is based on its current situation (employment, income, expenses, etc.), the history of Parabank and other data relevant to its creditworthiness from credit reporting agencies (Credit bureau, KRIF and Infoscore).

As a reputable and responsible lender, Parabank uses a variety of data before making a loan decision. We can not fulfill every customer request. Particularly important in this context is the so-called “scoring”, a statistical-mathematical procedure for assessing customer creditworthiness (credit rating). This review will include information from various sources of information.

Among other things, the rating uses information that you provided when you applied for the loan. In addition, such data are included, which we request from your credit rating agencies (Credit bureau, Creditreform) with your consent. Both the General Credit Insurance Company (Credit bureau) and the corporate headquarters (“CRIF” and “Infoscore”) collect the data relevant to the creditworthiness of the borrower.

The underlying facts are different. It provides general personal values, advice on non-contractual processing of loans, notes from registries and official communications as well as positive features (eg the contractual performance or the early repayment of loans by the client in the past). Based on these findings, the company Credit bureau, CRIF and Infoscore z.

For example, credit institutions are provided with loan information to assess the repayment likelihood in connection with a loan application by the client. Your credit report with SCredit bureau or Creditreform has no influence on your credit report with Parabank. We only register a specific order with the Credit bureau on the basis of your declaration of consent with the transmission of the corresponding information in the loan agreement.

Only Credit bureau data on your installment loan with Parabank will be shown. This involves the granting of a loan (personal details of the borrower (name, first name, birthday, address) and general credit data such as amount, duration and installment), repayment data (eg your consent to the transfer of the relevant information that you provide in the credit agreement, is the basis of this transfer.

Is a special repayment or repayment of the loan possible before the end of the contract period? There is an option at any time to make unscheduled repayments or repay the loan in full. It can happen again and again that even with careful lending and careful disposition unforeseen changes in the life situation can lead to temporary payment problems.

As the first borrower, you can choose the scope of protection according to your ideas and requirements. Then the complete rate of one-time single premium will be credited back to the credit account. 2. Attention: The resignation from the installment protection contract also applies by law to the loan agreement. Of course, Parabank is prepared for a new loan agreement without installment coverage.

Further details on the right of objection can be found in your PB payment protection contract. You can request the PB payment guarantee very easily and quickly together with your loan. You therefore have the option to terminate the bank’s insurance cover independently of the loan agreement, giving notice of two weeks’ notice to the end of the relevant month. In case of cancellation, the unused one-off payment protection contribution will be refunded to your credit account.