Nutritionist Pooja Makhjia reveals the secret to lasting weight loss

Weight loss: strike a balance between eating and cheating, says nutritionist

When embarking on a weight loss journey, many often completely eliminate many of their favorite foods. However, it becomes difficult to follow this. Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared the secret to weight loss and long-term management in a new Instagram post. In the caption, she wrote: “Healthy weight loss should always be a balance – 80-90% of the time, eat right, eat thinking – then 10-20% let the game come in where you (cheat) eat along with some of your favorite food. That’s the reason. It’s a lifestyle. It’s forever. “

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She used white rice (in a tall glass) and red rice (in a small glass) to explain the idea. First, she takes a large glass full of white rice and begins to pour it on a plate. She says, metaphorically, that white rice here represents everyone’s intentions of sticking to their meal plan – “following a healthy lifestyle, a balanced plate, no carbohydrate omissions, regular exercise from time to time and a healthier day to day.

She then takes a comparatively smaller amount of red rice in a container and starts putting it on the white. She says red rice represents “all of that tricks and a little bit of deviation that tends to creep in from time to time.” The idea is not to live a life of austerity where everything is good or bad, she advises. Therefore, a fair mix of the two is ideal, where most of the time we eat thoughtfully, and on a few occasions we eat to please the taste buds.

She mixes the two together and says, “Balance is what keeps us sane. However, whichever prevails, you will live a life where you are the boss or, unfortunately, people like me and the doctors are. “.

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Over a month ago, Pooja shared tips on training the mind to stay consistent and continue the weight loss journey. His advice was to stop eating emotionally before it turns into binge eating. For more on what she said about staying consistent on the path to weight loss, click here.

In short, the foundations of a healthy lifestyle are good nutrition and regular physical activity. Don’t go overboard with either, and you’ll find yourself hitting your fitness goals quite comfortably.

(Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, dietician and author)

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