Norwich celebrates becoming a place of social enterprise

9:00 a.m. on November 19, 2021

The city’s £ 107million social enterprise economy has been recognized with the launch of a new initiative – and a plan has set out how it can continue to thrive in the future.

Fuse Norwich is a new initiative that was launched after Norwich was recognized as a designated social enterprise space.

In the fine city there are currently 53 social enterprises – contributing £ 107million to the local economy.

It employs 2,700 local people.

A social enterprise is run for the benefit of the community and distinguishes itself by reinvesting or donating its profits to create positive social change.

Lucy Parish, Managing Director of The Feed Enterprises CIC, said: “One of the great things about social enterprises is that customers can expect a great product or service knowing they are doing something right. good for their region.

The Feed is a social enterprise that prevents poverty, hunger and homelessness through the work of its food services and cafes.

Yesterday, social enterprise bosses gathered for the launch, and among them was Rebecca White, Founder and CEO of Your Own Place.

The company works to prevent homelessness among young people through training and workshops.

Rebecca said: “It was actually quite an emotional day.

“It was wonderful to be on a bus traveling around Norwich and to objectively see the brilliant work that other people are doing in trying to improve the lives of people living in Norwich.

“We have done so much already and I believe such recognition will continue to attract socially conscious people to the region.

She added: “But there is so much more we can do. The next step we’ll look at is what we need next – the goods and services that people lack – and how we can close that gap.

The bus visited a series of businesses across town to celebrate the accomplishment.

Peter Holbrook, Managing Director of Social Enterprise UK, said: “We are proud to welcome Norwich to the growing family of Social Enterprise Places in the UK.

He added: “As we recover from the ravages of the pandemic, it is essential that social enterprises are at the heart of efforts to better rebuild and level the country. ”

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