Nextbite updates menu management tools

Ordermark, an online ordering and delivery management platform that recently rebranded as Nexbite, launched tools to provide restaurants with a central hub to streamline their menu management across multiple delivery service platforms in line.

The tools eliminate the need for restaurants to connect to multiple online delivery platforms to update their menus, as they automate menu updates across all of the restaurant’s online delivery platforms, ensuring accuracy and improving efficiency,” said Luke Andrews, vice president of product for Nextbite. Plus, it automatically customizes restaurant menus based on each DSP’s requirements (to meet their distinct requirements for menu copy, photos, etc.).

“At the heart of every restaurant is their menu, but since it often needs to be updated and consistent across every online delivery platform, this can create a major problem,” Andrews said in the statement. “We are focused on solving these universal problems that restaurants of all sizes face by running multiple brands across multiple online ordering services.”

Ordermark’s menu management capabilities provide control over menu updates across platforms, allowing restaurants to:

  • Create or import menus.
  • Edit menus, from pricing to images.
  • Enable or disable entire menus or menu items.
  • Specify time slots.
  • Manage menu images.
  • Synchronize menus with multiple DS.
  • Synchronize menus with your point of sale software.

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