New booming farm-to-table restaurant in Mason

MASON, Mich. (WILX) – There is a new breakfast hot spot and a new bakery that ‘elevates’ to Mason.

He is aptly called Risen.

They actually got a taste of their farm-to-table restaurant this weekend.

Risen is literally rising from the ashes, as this new restaurant finds a home in a building that caught fire six years ago.

“It’s a historic building, it’s very rustic and just a little bit industrial which is, in our opinion, really fun and it will match the vibe we’re going to be looking for,” said Dan Kostecke, owner of Resurrected.

Dan and his wife Rachel go for the farm-to-table vibe.

“At our heart we are farm to fork and we don’t just use it as a buzzword like in other places, we want to make it stand out in our business. “

And both have a lot of experience on the farm side, as they are the owners of the Guiding Light Garlic Farm and run the LFA Farmer’s Market in Mason.

“We have always been keen to help local producers of goods, especially farmers, and enable them to reach more customers to develop the business. So we launched our farmers market as a way to help them sell year round outside of traditional farmers markets. “

By opening a local farm-to-table restaurant, it is their idea to take the farmer’s market one step further, including adding a commendable commercial kitchen for use by the community.

“The basement is going to have a commendable commercial kitchen, so you know, Sally who makes baked goods can go rent the space and take her cookie business to the next level and go into the retail stores, things like that.”

Dan hopes Risen will be a way to really connect the Mason community.

“There was just a huge need for a retail bakery and a good downtown breakfast place. So we thought it would be great if we could merge all the ideas together to give farmers another opportunity to sell their produce to raise awareness locally and just to provide the community with good food.

Speaking of great food, the menu will live up to the dishes from their farm and other local farms.

“We’ll have a section of our menu that’s very seasonal depending on what’s available and then we’ll have just about every great good one imaginable here, this town is going to smell like a bakery. “

Dan is hoping Risen can open by the end of the year as they are waiting for all of their documents to be reviewed by the state to give them the green light.

While you wait for Risen’s grand opening, you can get a literal taste of the new restaurant this weekend where Dan will be this weekend selling baked goods and even homemade baked scented candles.

“This Saturday is Down Home to Mason days – Saturday, nine to three. I’ll be here on the courthouse lawn and we’ll be doing a different kind of preview event, but people will have a chance to come in and see where we’re at right now, and then take a really good freshly prepared products. bakery products.

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it was incredible, really humiliating. I am so thankful that people are so excited. And also very patient, I know, that is, it takes a lot of work to get up and running. So, you know, keep hanging on, guys are getting there. And we will open as soon as possible.>

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