National Adderall Shortage Affecting Pharmacies in the Panhandle Region

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) — The Food and Drug Administration has declared a national Adderall shortage and the Panhandle is feeling the pinch.

The FDA attributes the shortage to manufacturing delays.

Health experts say a shortage of stimulant drugs is actually not a rare event.

“The amount of drugs produced is limited and regulated by the government, so there have been other years where towards the end of the year in particular, we start to struggle with supply issues. In this case, however , while that seems to be probably one of the contributing factors, the other issue we’re facing, at least what we’re hearing about it right now, is that manufacturing delays have been an issue and some of that has been secondary to labor shortages,” said Dr. Carolyn Lentsch-Parcells, pediatrician and assistant professor at TCU’s Burnett School of Medicine.

The Martin Tipton pharmacy is affected by this shortage.

“We have to order from various manufacturers right now, not our normal manufacturers just because we can’t get them from our normal manufacturers,” said Mark Vogler, Martin Tipton Pharmacy.

Fortunately, his patients were able to get the medications they needed, just a different brand.

Amarillo Pharmacy is also affected, saying the drug has been out of stock for two months.

Texas Tech Physicians’ Amarillo Pharmaceutical Care Center is also seeing a back order on one of the drug’s strengths.

“The pharmaceutical company makes short-acting and sustained-release drugs, for example. Thus, a pharmacist, in this situation, will work with the patient’s provider to find an available strength and dosage to meet the patient’s needs until the original strength becomes available again,” said Amarillo Pharmaceutical Care. Center of Texas Tech Physicians.

Dr. Lentsch-Parcells acknowledged that this could be a tough time for those dependent on Adderall, especially as the end of semester and vacation time nears. She encourages you to contact your suppliers.

“There are various strategies that we will sometimes use to help our patients get the best care possible, while we try to fill the shortage, which may include changing the dosage or using available dosage forms to replace their usual medications” , says Dr. Lentsch-Parcells

She insists on not making any changes to your medications without talking to your providers first.

Pharmacy chains, like CVS and Walgreens, both confirm intermittent supply issues with the generic form of the drug.

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