Muse Bistro: Superb cuisine that enhances the experience of Greek hospitality

If you are in Athens and looking for a restaurant with a strong personality and elaborate dishes to satisfy all palates, then look no further than The Gem Society Boutique Hotel & Spa‘s Bistro Muse.

Located in the center of the Greek capital, the first gourmet boutique hotel in Athens focuses on improving the hosting experience it offers to its customers.

“We really want to extend the spirit of hospitality of Gem Society through excellent cuisine which remains accessible to all ”, co-founder of the hotel, Henri gemayel, recount GTP titles.

Muse Bistro is part of a new generation of “bistronomy” restaurants whose roots are firmly rooted in its diverse neighborhood and Greek identity.

Warm hospitality

As soon as you enter the Muse Bistro you feel the warm hospitality of the staff and start to feel a welcoming ambience, all of this is an integral part of the philosophy of Gem Society.

With a strong personality, the bistro is open and friendly, which is symbolically characterized by the hatch connecting the interior to the exterior, as well as an open kitchen, intentionally designed to promote a sense of coziness and a passion for the food and the friendliness.

A “fun” bistronomy menu

Linguine with bottarga, oregano and pine nuts

Muse Bistro prides itself on serving a “real and authentic” menu with a non-negotiable approach to the quality and freshness of the local produce it uses in its creations.

The Muse Bistro menu is Greek but with an international approach. Chef Themis Mintziras and his team have created a “fun” menu that incorporates the best techniques and seasonal ingredients. This gave them the creative freedom to rework classic dishes from a whole new perspective.

An example is the Watermelon gazpacho. Although originally Spanish, the chef has replaced tomato with watermelon – a Greek summer feature on all Mediterranean tables during the summer months.

Muse Bistro is also very proud that everything on his menu is homemade, such as the breads, broths, sauces, bacon, jams and breakfast it offers to hotel guests.

“What we’ve seen since opening is that our guests are coming back to us for their lunch and dinner because of the quality of the Muse menu. Locals are always surprised and come back often too, ”Gemayel says, adding that his vision was to do away with the“ soulless reputation ”that hotel restaurants often have.

In addition to the all-day dining essentials in a hotel, he wanted to offer a menu that guaranteed a dining experience without the pretense and prices often associated with fine dining; and a selection of foods and drinks made with lots of TLC (tender, love and care), it’s fun and allows almost anyone, despite their dietary restrictions, to find something to their liking.

“This is how Muse Bistro was born,” says Gemayel with a smile.

Food: Ideal for demanding appetites

Chef Themis from Muse Bistro tells us that the menu is based on rich Greek flavors, with an international twist and modern techniques.

“My inspiration came from many dishes from childhood memories of cooking with my grandmother,” he says.

This inspiration of which he speaks to us is evident during the tasting of the zucchini involtini dish, an idea that came to “revisit” the traditional dolmadakie and yalantzi. The flavors and ingredients of the dishes are mainly based on the seasonality of the ingredients in order to always obtain the best products.

The Muse Bistro menus are accessible here.

The chef recommends …

For morning : a sourdough peinirli fused with avocado toast or a croque-Madame.

Brunch set

For the lunch: other than the ‘usual suspect’ for foodies like the 100% Greek 100% Homemade Burger from Muse Bistro, highly recommended is the spanakopita salad, followed by linguine with fish roe from Messolonghi and an all-chocolate dessert.

Muse bistro burger

For dinner: Greek salad revisited from Muse Bistro, a rooster stifado with creamed corn mash, ending with a kadaifi pie with mastiha– flavored whipped cream for example.

Muse Bistro Greek Salad with Feta Mousse and Black Olive Cookie

The Gem Society Hotel in general is customer-centric, providing a unique experience of feeling at home. Conveniently located, The Gem Society is set in the hustle and bustle of Athens’ historic triangle and has all major cultural attractions within walking distance.

From the hotel, guests can admire the magnificence of historic sites such as the Acropolis; stroll through the narrow, winding cobbled streets of Plaka; pick up the best kebab in bustling town Monastiraki; and stroll through the sensory treasures that Psyri and Thissio.

The hotel also has a very interesting history too! The building that houses the Gem Society was constructed in 1932 and originally housed a bank for over half a century. After undergoing renovations, the main features of the building, such as the original arch doors and a picture-perfect art deco staircase, have remained for guests to see and appreciate.

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