MLS: New York City FC take care of business against Revolution on the spot

NOTNew York City FC won their home game against the New England Revolution beating them 4-2 at Yankee Stadium.

Even though the visiting team conceded three penalty kicks in the first half, the game was nearly even just before halftime and momentarily during the second half.

Argentinian forwards Valentin Castellanos and Gustavo Bou came close to a hat-trick for City and Revolution respectively.

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Just eight minutes after the initial whistle, New York had their first chance to put a goal on the scoreboard when Andrew Farrell kicked in a penalty which was converted by Talles Magno for the 1-0.

But it wasn’t long before Gustavo Bou leveled the game with a right-footed shot into the box after a fine back pass from his teammate.

Shortly after just after the half hour mark, a new penalty was conceded to New York City FC, this time for a foul on Valentin Castellanos.

It was Castellanos who took the penalty, but unfortunately for him Revolution keeper Petrovic saved the shot with a brilliant dive down the right side.

Castellano’s effort to become MLS’ top scorer for the season was short but not for long, as 10 minutes later he had a redemption opportunity, when a stunning third penalty was awarded against NYCFC in only 40 minutes of play.

It was the second penalty conceded by Andrew Ferrell, and this time the referee sent him off with a red card, although he tried to plead his case until the very last moment, waiting for confirmation from the booth.

Castellano took the ball and with a powerful right-hand shot from the spot, he again advanced New York into the scoreboard.

Thrilling second half start

New York City made a substitution to start the next 45 minutes, when Maxi Moralez made way on the court for Gabriel Pereira.

Pereira was very active during his first minutes of play, which finally paid off as he scored his team’s third goal in the 48th minute only, after recovering a ball in the box after a brilliant save from Petrovic on a shot from Castellanos.

Before scoring, Pereira beat the goalkeeper and a defender with a fine display of sensational dribbling.

The game then went into a more even flow, with both teams trying to attack but Revolution prioritizing defending their own goal over attempting a comeback.

At least that was the case until less than 15 minutes from the end of the match, when Gustavo Bou finished off a brilliant game from his teammates on the left side.

This goal brought back the emotion in the match, the last minutes promised to be a delight.

Castellanos lines up to win the Golden Boot

Valentin Castellanos waited just four more minutes to calm things down and blast NYC fans in the stands.

After a quick break, he managed to put on the rebound for his twelve goal of the season.

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