Millions of jobs supported by aviation are at risk in all regions

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Millions of jobs supported by aviation are at risk in all regions

  • In our last passenger note,we have shown that August was a weak month, even by post-pandemic standards. Although some international markets have reopened, global international traffic has only grown slowly, hovering at only around 30% of pre-crisis levels. In addition, domestic traffic deteriorated in August due to the Delta outbreaks and the resulting travel restrictions in some key markets. While air travel is expected to improve once the current wave of viruses subsides and more markets reopen, the latest developments highlight that the travel recovery will take time and be uneven.
  • The slow recovery in traffic continues to have a negative impact not only on airline finances, but also on restoring the economic and social benefits generated by aviation. Based on a recent COVID-19[female[feminineimpact assessment, up to half of the jobs (44.6 million) supported by aviation in the wider economy could be lost globally by the end of 2021 due to the effects of the pandemic response. This loss includes not only roles in aviation, but also the broader tourism jobs, catering services and all other jobs that support the global air transport and tourism system.
  • Our weekly chart displays the regional breakdown of this potential loss. Employment in all regions has been severely affected and is at high risk. Given traffic forecasts, business trends and layoff announcements, Asia Pacific is most vulnerable to loss of aviation-supported jobs (-58% vs pre-COVID) followed by Africa (-51%). The North America region is expected to be the most resilient (34% of potential job losses), in part due to the positive development of the domestic passenger market in the United States, which is close to a full recovery.

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