Main Event Funeral Restoration Thornham Norfolk

10:18 am October 4, 2022

Norfolk Caterers have launched a new service to provide food for funerals and celebrations of life.

Nick and Lynn Handley, of family business The Main Event, say they want to help ease the burden of after-service catering by offering a range of buffets and food offerings that can be served at home, as well as in restaurants. halls and other places. .

Mr Handley said: ‘We have been asked on several occasions to provide our services to people following the loss of a loved one, and with the current cost of living crisis we have put in place this new offer which is an affordable and compassionate way to meet needs. friends and family following a disaster.

“The loss of a loved one is a deeply personal thing, which is why we’ve included the option of completely discreet setup so that when guests return from the funeral service, everything is set up and ready to go.”

Ms Handley added: “Following a loss, the family is going through many stresses and demands at a time of sadness and grief, and we are here to help take any of those worries away with discretion and care.”

Based at Drove Orchards in Thornham, Norfolk, the couple have over 40 years experience in hospitality and event catering, running pubs and restaurants before launching the Main Event and catering for weddings and other events .

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