Madagascar, Africa: Tropical Storm and Cyclone 2022 – Preliminary Emergency Appeal No. MDRMG018 – Madagascar

Slip №: ST-2022-000138-MDG


Communities in Madagascar have been badly affected by torrential rains and widespread flooding, and there are serious fears that Cyclone Batsirai could further devastate already vulnerable people.

From January 17, 2022, torrential rains caused flooding in the Analamanga region, affecting eight districts of Grand Tana and 38 fokontany (communes, lower administrative level). At the same time, the eastern region of the country was hit by a tropical depression with Tropical Storm Ana which made landfall on January 23, 2022 in the Atsinanana region. The Malagasy National Office for Disaster Management (BNGRC3) has reported more than 55 deaths and widespread devastation to livelihoods, with schools, health facilities and homes overwhelmed. A total of 131,555 people (26,731 households) have been affected in 12 regions and 15,152 people (3,729 households) are displaced, of whom 14,938 are accommodated in 68 government-established accommodation sites in the region. ‘Analamanga. An estimated 11,774 houses are flooded and 58 are destroyed.

On January 31, the Hydrometeorological Research Service of the Directorate of Research and Development of Madagascar warned that cyclonic activity on the east coast of the island is high, posing a threat to Madagascar. On February 2, Météo Madagascar issued an alert against the intense tropical cyclone Batsirai, which is gaining strength, and is expected to make landfall between Vatomandry and Mananjary, and is likely to cross the country from east to west. The GDACs indicate possible wind speeds above 230 km/h. making it a Category 3 or 4 tropical cyclone.

According to GDACS, approximately 4.4 million people are at risk across all Areas of Concern (Category 1 and above). This is in addition to those already affected by flooding from heavy rains and Tropical Storm Ana. Overall, 15 districts are considered most at risk, many of which have already been affected by the effects of Tropical Storm Ana.

Tropical Cyclone Batsirai and other weather systems come as Madagascar is already grappling with a parallel and protracted food insecurity crisis, as well as the exacerbating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and its protracted lockdowns that have affected livelihoods. Based on preliminary projections, priority needs include food assistance, emergency shelter and non-food items, water, sanitation and hygiene services and hygiene kits, supplies and health and nutrition services, protection services and dignity kits.

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