Loans 40,000 kr. Get the money today

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It is quite easy and easy to borrow from zaemus. When you access their website, you can choose how much you want to borrow on the right hand side and how long you will borrow. Once you have specified this, your monthly benefit will be displayed throughout the term of the loan. There is thus no boring surprise. You can easily try to adjust the loan slightly up or down, or adjust for maturity. This allows you to see how the performance is affected. You quickly set the loan to the amount you want and with the benefit you can pay.

If you want quick delivery time and thus money on your account the same day, just use NemID. It’s fast, easy and safe. If you do not want to use NemID, you can also apply well without. However, this requires that you sign documents and send by mail. If you use this method, the expedition time will be slightly longer depending on how fast you are to post the application and how fast Post Denmark is to get the application.

Loan Example:

For a total credit amount of 40,000, – over 5 years. Fixed annual debt rate 9.90% – 26.08%. The cash loan agreement can be redeemed at any time. OPP is 13.62% – 30.95%. The monthly payment is NOK 907 – 1228. The total amount to be paid back is DKK 54,409 – 73,655. Total credit costs DKK 14,409 – 33,655. The calculation includes the creation fee of 3,200, – and based on payment through HomeBanking. The above example is calculated based on the fact that one annual payment-free month has been selected.