Le Cellier is relaunched with a new menu and a new decor

One unexpected event after another. It has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone to keep moving forward, and companies often take breaks to adapt to the changes. Le Cellier, Wine Bar & Restaurant has recently relaunched and it’s still going strong!

Entrance to the Cellier. Wine bar & Restaurant

Chef Htun Htun, Chef and Director of Le Cellier, believes in the availability of alternatives and in acquiring new opportunities along the way. It is never easy to adapt to new challenges, but understanding the big picture and rebuilding yourself step by step is part of the process.

Le Cellier is relaunched with a new menu and a new decor
Chief Htun Htun

Every day, the chef and his team nurture the passion. They took the time to improve every aspect in terms of concept, decor and service performance.

“As long as you love what you do and keep the passion alive, you won’t give up and find a way to reinvent yourself,” says Chef Htun Htun.

In today’s world, the new standard sets hygiene standards to become a key priority. Le Cellier was able to comply with MOHS guidelines and receive ALLSAFE certification thanks to the rapid adaptability of the team.

This means that Le Cellier has passed over 100 requirements and complies with 16 global commitments to meet international health standards. Chef Htun Htun believes that keeping the team together during the renovation is crucial as it is easier to collaborate when the team is able to exploit their own capabilities.

Le Cellier is relaunched with a new menu and a new decor
Inside the Cellar

This is also the reason for the rapid process of adaptability to the current situation.

The chef maintains a strong relationship with the team, but his passion is even closer.

“The main reason I became a chef is that I want to share my love and passion for cooking! When I was young, I realized that the kitchen was going to be my space to express myself and for nature’s products to be my voice.

Le Cellier is now back with new gourmets at the table. When creating a new menu, the chef’s inspiration was simple.

The main inspiration behind creating exquisite dishes was mnatural. Chef Htun Htun said, “The beauties of nature always amaze me and inspire me to draw my stories through my dishes. “

“Loving what I do makes me believe that every day is an opportunity to play, cook, give and inspire” – Chief Htun Htun

One of the things the chef and his team have in common is passion. Every day is an opportunity to express your passion through food with enthusiasm. Fine Gastro dishes are created with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, as well as exclusive grills and roasts such as homemade meatballs, barbecues, seafood and various types of meats. These fresh foods are provided to customers at an affordable price.

  • 55,000 MMK per person, including free movement of non-alcoholic drinks
  • MMK 69,000 per person, including free movement of sparkling wine, white and red wine, beers and Le Cellier cocktails.

Save the date as it will only be available on the 17th and 31 July from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. You can reserve a place now by contacting 09444088882.

Le Cellier is relaunched with a new menu and a new decor

“First of all, please stay safe. We, the LE CELLIER team, really appreciate your support and thank you for the trust you place in us every day. It has been a pleasure serving you over the years and we look forward to continuing to impress you with our love and passion for food and service!

Thank you for believing in us. We promise to always provide our customers with excellent and safe service, and we hope our relationship this season will prove to be one that we have enjoyed over the past year in business. Thanks again! ”-Chef Htun Htun

If you want to dine on a beautiful terrace or if you want to try the delicious and exquisite dishes of Chef Htun Htun, you can visit Le Cellier, Wine Bar & Restaurant @ Novotel Yangon Max. You can also preview the new menu here: https://qrco.de/bbXET7 Exciting events and menus are coming, so stay tuned to Le Cellier!

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