Late night dinners returning to Yale and Stanford campuses

In this edition of 5 Things, Food Management highlights five things you may have missed recently about developments affecting on-premises catering.

Here is your list for today:

  1. Late night dinner back on campus

A sign of a resumption of traditional dining operations on college campuses is the return of late night dining options on campuses which in many cases have been interrupted or severely curtailed by pandemic-related restrictions and the personnel issues arising from the pandemic. For example, at Yale University, a late-night dining option called Ivy will be available starting March 29 in the school’s underground Schwarzman Center venue for the first time since the Schwarzman Center opened in last August. At Ivy, members of the Yale community will be able to order a variety of snacks, meals and appetizers with “globally influenced flavors,” such as signature tacos on homemade tortillas and beef sliders with hand-cut Greek fries.

Meanwhile, across the country, Stanford University recently celebrated the return of its Late Night at Lakeside dining option for the first time since the pandemic hit two years ago. Open Sunday through Thursday from 9:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., it offers dishes such as chopped cheese sandwiches, loaded nacho fries, and Nutella banana shakes. “R&DE [Residential and Dining Enterprises] recognizes that late-night dining options are important to students, and we are pleased to restart programs as the public health environment and R&DE Stanford Dining staff have improved,” says Jocelyn Breeland, spokesperson of R&DE.

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  1. District reports over $170,000 in unclaimed meal account money

Florida’s Hillsborough County School System, one of the nation’s largest public school districts, says it currently has 16,141 school lunch accounts with unclaimed money totaling $170,108. District spokeswoman Erin Maloney said most accounts were under $10, but parents could still get a refund, even if their account was inactive.

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  1. Sodexo extends its agreement with University Hospitals

Sodexo announced the extension and extension of its contract with University Hospitals (UH) in Ohio, its largest integrated health services client in the United States, for which it provides a range of services including patient nutrition and food retail through cafeterias at UH, Wolfgang Pucks at UHCMC, and coffee kiosks such as Einstein’s, as well as facilities and construction management and health technology management. The renewed contract provides for an 11-year relationship during which Sodexo will employ 180 people in six service areas and plans to renovate retail and cafeteria space at UH Cleveland Medical Center, as well as perform a technical study of healthcare system acute care campus.

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  1. State Courthouse cafe will train workers for restaurant jobs

Service!, a business originally launched at the start of the COVID pandemic to support and nurture individuals in the hospitality industry, is now expanding its operations to open Cafe Overlook in the cafeteria space of the Franklin County Courthouse in Columbus, Ohio, as a social enterprise to help prepare its employees for careers in the hospitality industry through training and education resources. The operation will focus on training people who may not have much industry experience on all aspects of the business, from washing up to working with front of house customers. , to create a potential pipeline of employees for local establishments to help address the current labor shortage in the industry.

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  1. AVI extends its agreement with the Football Hall of Fame complex

Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Co. has entered into a multi-year concession extension of its agreement with FM Top 50 company AVI Foodsystems to not only operate the football-themed Starbucks location at the Constellation Center for Excellence which is scheduled to open before this summer, but to make AVI the exclusive provider of concessions and catering services to the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium and the HOFV Sports Complex located on the Hall of Fame Village campus powered by Johnson Controls in Canton, Ohio. The initial agreement in June 2021 made AVI the operating partner of the Starbucks venue, but now, as part of the expanded five-year concession agreement, AVI will immediately begin providing concessionary services at Tom Benson Stadium. and at the HOFV sports complex.

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