KINDLING – Business is the lifeline of American success

The South Metro Denver Chamber hosted its 100th Anniversary Gala at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum on Friday night, September 24. Room CEO Jeff Keener and his wife Mary, as well as the staff, including Restaurant Footers, know how to throw a party. An enthusiastic crowd of 300 free entrepreneurs joined by elected representatives of solidarity affairs greeted Brian Vogt as the winner. Brian served as CEO of the House for 14 years, following in the footsteps of iconic leader Richard Harrison, whose widow Carolyn was in the audience.

Brian, who grew up in Englewood, recounted how his father, who was the sheriff, ran south on unpaved Broadway with his young son bouncing over the ruts and hills of the unpaved road.

Jeff Keener, Brian Vogt and Bob Sweeney at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum

Vogt is the CEO of the Denver Botanic Gardens where he has done a spectacular job since leaving the chamber. He is the founding father of the town of Centennial which is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary since its founding by Vogt, Randy Pye, who went on to become the town’s first mayor, John Brackney, and the CEO of South Suburban, David Lorenz and others. I have always believed that Vogt could, and should, aspire to a higher post, like governor or senator.

Centennial leaders, led by Mayor Stéphanie Piko, came out in force for the gala, buying two tables and the board appearing in tuxedos. A class act of this growing and influential city of 130,000 proud inhabitants. They respect and realize that the sales tax collected by local business companies is the lifeline for metro and suburban cities. Officials from Greenwood Village and Cherry Hills were absent from the event. Without our business community sales tax and resident buying dollars, schools and police could not and could not operate, and residential and commercial property taxes would skyrocket. Chambers, all located in Englewood, Lone Tree, Aurora, Denver, South Metro, and smaller business groups such as Littleton, all work to support local businesses and bring events, commerce and industry to their towns. . They do more, they welcome these businesses and their employees to the region with seminars, professional training and networking. They are working to support legislation that facilitates rampant government control of the free enterprise system, realizing that the freedom to own and operate a business is the foundation of our American way of life. Immigrants arriving in America legally found land where they could own land, open stores, and do the heavy lifting of gold mining and laying railway ties. The successes have been astounding and still exist today thanks to the freedom of people to create jobs, work hard, and succeed in raising families, buying homes and cars.

Those who work in the business world as employees and owners realize that customer service is the key to success. It takes a whole team to survive in today’s business world and we salute all the companies represented at the gala for supporting the role chamber of commerce organizations play in improving our cities.

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