Kim Kardashian and Rihanna’s Favorite Pasta at Giorgio Baldi

Kardashian’s favorite pasta – a $ 30 plate of homemade dumplings – was first.

The $ 30 agnolotti is Kardashian’s favorite.

Anneta Konstantinides / Insider

Kardashian is a huge fan of Giorgio Baldi’s agnolotti. The dish – which includes ravioli stuffed with sweet white corn, plus a white truffle sauce drizzled on top – has been on the restaurant’s menu since it opened in 1990.

The reality TV queen even defended the dish on Twitter, publicly declaring her love after a photo of pasta – which she shared on her Instagram story – went viral in 2020.

When the pasta arrived at our table, I thought the agnolotti were a lot more stylish (and mouthwatering) than the old Kardashian pic. And the ravioli were lovely and light. Even though I couldn’t really taste the corn, I loved the sauce. Baldi told The Times that his mother Roberta – Giorgio’s widow – still came every day to make the pasta sauces, and the agnolotti definitely have that authentic, home-made flavor.

But I was surprised at the small portion size. I counted 18 tiny dumplings on the plate, meaning each one costs almost $ 2. It felt more like an appetizer or part of a tasting menu, rather than a full-fledged starter.

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