Kansans is asked to sponsor the summer food service program to ensure children continue to eat this summer

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Kansans have been asked to sponsor the summer food service program in their communities to ensure children continue to eat nutritious meals during the summer when school meals are not available.

The Kansas State Department of Education said the summer food service program needs sponsors willing to provide nutritious meals to Kansas children during the summer months.

KSDE said that as a program of the United States Department of Agriculture, the SFSP reimburses schools, public agencies and private nonprofit organizations for food service.

The ministry said meals can be served free to children in school- or census-eligible areas based on eligibility for free and reduced-price meals. He said the free meals also enhance summer education and recreation programs.

If a community already has a sponsor, KSDE said organizations should find out how they can help by providing sites, volunteers or additional activities.

KSDE said the goal of the SFSP is to ensure that children in high-poverty areas continue to receive nutritious meals when the low-cost or free school meals provided through the USDA Child Nutrition Program are no longer available. more available.

According to the Department, SFSP sponsors will be reimbursed for documenting and serving healthy meals to Kansas children ages 1 through 18 at approved sites in high-need areas.

KSDE said these nutritional opportunities help keep children ready to learn when they go back to school. He said good nutrition is a crucial part of achieving the Kansas State Board of Education’s vision – Kansas is a world leader in every student’s success.

The ministry said SFSP meals can complement supervised activities that are safe, fun and include learning opportunities. Children benefit nutritionally by getting whole, healthy meals and parents benefit from help stretching their grocery budget.

KSDE said Kansas children who continue to eat healthily throughout the summer feel better, behave better and return to class ready to learn.

According to the Department, the SFSP encourages communities to provide safe places for children to be with other children and caring adults. As a result, he said parents will know their children are getting healthy meals in a supportive environment.

Those interested in serving SFSp meals should call Jill Ladd, assistant director of child nutrition and welfare for KSDE at 785-296-2276. For more information, click HERE and choose the summer catering program.

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