Johnson Service Group live data center upgrade complemented by secure computing environments

Air handler, UPS and battery cabinet upgrade completed for live data center originally built by Secure IT Environments in 2009.

September 6, 2022 – London, UK – Secure IT Environments Ltd, a leading UK design and build company for modular, containerized and micro data centres, today announced the completion of a two-part data center upgrade project phases for Johnson Service Group, the UK supplier of rental textiles and linen services to the hotel, catering and hospitality markets.

Chris Wellfair, Project Manager

The initial phase of the data center upgrade, originally built by Secure IT Environments in 2009, was to replace the entire UPS system. This has been upgraded to two 40 kVA Riello Multi Sentry (MST Series) UPS systems, with new 10-year battery cabinets meeting IEC60896-2 for construction, performance and life .

John Parry, Group IT Infrastructure Manager at Johnson Service Group, said, “Investing in our data centers goes far beyond increasing processing performance, storage or speed. Our DCs are a critical asset to the business, so it is vitally important to maintain them in a way that improves energy efficiency, reliability and extends their lifespan. Secure computing environments have been an important part of our digital transformation and a trusted provider. »

The second phase of the project saw the upgrade and replacement of the original air handling units in the data center. This was undertaken in a phased approach, allowing the data center to remain active, ensuring cooling capacity was not compromised and services remained continuously available. The phase was completed over a three-week period with new FlaktGroup Direct Expansion Multi-DENCO® air-cooled air handling units in a downflow configuration (internal compressors were matched with external air-cooled condensers )

Chris Wellfair, Project Director at Secure IT Environments, said, “We have a long-standing relationship with Johnson Service Group, and it’s always great to see the value over time that a data center we’ve designed offer to an organization. Like all data centers, now is a good time to upgrade equipment, either because of its life expectancy at the end of its life or because new, more efficient innovations become available, and Johnsons is making these investments to make the most of it. get the most out of its data centers in terms of performance and reduced operating costs. .”

Secure IT Environments provides ongoing maintenance for two Johnsons Services data center sites, covering UPS, fire suppression, air conditioning, generator, room cleaning and general room maintenance.

About Secure IT Environments Ltd
Secure IT Environments Ltd is a UK-based company specializing in the design and construction of modular, containerized and energy efficient secure internal/external micro-data centers including mechanical and electrical infrastructure. The company has established an enviable relationship with its clients based on trust and mutual respect by working as a team with the client and their project team.

The company offers a “total solution package” to the private, healthcare, education and government sectors, as well as co-hosted businesses in the UK and overseas, through design, implementation and installation management for small projects. from isolated computer rooms to large public sector contracts and co-hosting sites. All rooms are designed to meet the latest testing standards, now considered the gold standard for modular rooms installed in the UK and Europe.

The main objective of Secure IT Environments is to ensure that critical components of customers’ infrastructure are protected against all external threats in a properly protected modular room or containerized ModCel environment. To this end, the company has established long-standing partnerships with its manufacturers, who are at the forefront of R&D, to ensure that the highest level of physical protection and energy efficiency are maintained.

About Johnson Service Group
Based in Preston Brook, Cheshire, JSG provide textile hire and related services to various industries across the UK. The Group is the leading supplier of workwear and protective clothing in the UK, offering these services through its “Johnsons Workwear” brand. It also provides premium linen services for the hotel, restaurant and hospitality markets, as well as high-volume hotel linen services, through a number of different brands, including “Johnsons Hotel Linen”, “Johnsons Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Linen” and “Johnsons Restaurant & Catering Linen”. Catering linen”. Building on its core values ​​of quality, reliability and service, the Group aims to provide its customers with an exceptional level of support.

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