Japanese creperie, Eight Turn Crêpe, continues its massive expansion across the United States.

Offering 100% gluten-free, sweet and savory Japanese-style pancakes made with rice flour, Eight Turn Crêpe is revolutionizing the pancake. The quick service restaurant continues to expand with new locations in Tampa, Florida and Houston, Texas.

Eight Turn Crêpe is a Japanese creperie that serves sweet and savory, gluten-free Japanese crepes. Using a patented, first-to-market, naturally gluten-free rice flour batter, along with a tofu-based sauce and yogurt-based whipped cream, customers enjoy a low-fat experience. in calories with superior taste, while dining in a fun and inviting environment.

Japanese Creperie’s innovative eight-round crepe is rolled into a cone, making it easy to eat on the go, without the mess. Eight Turn Crêpe offers people a delicious, quality crepe solution in all of their locations.

A huge benefit to customers and multi-unit foodservice operators, Eight Turn Crêpe delivers world-class Japanese crepes in a way that has never been done before. The fast-casual restaurant also provides a quick and efficient way to grow the business and bring the revolutionary Eight-Tower Pancakes to customers around the world through the franchise. “Since we started serving delicious Japanese crepes to our loyal customers, we have received many requests from people around the world wanting to be part of the Eight Turn Crepe family. We finally decided it was time to expand and bring our delicious pancakes to neighborhoods around the world. We welcome franchisees who are passionate about amazing food. People who want to invest in an effective and proven concept in the growing Japanese fast-casual category. »

The Eight Turn Crepe revolution began in New York in 2013. Eight Turn Crepe has been in business for nearly a decade. It has redefined the Japanese pancake, focusing its services on providing customers with an authentic experience with superior presentation and quality. “Now people come from far and wide to experience one of the most unique and impressive dining experiences.” It is not only delicious but also healthy. Finding amazing-tasting gluten-free foods isn’t easy, and we’re proud to be able to cater to gluten-free diets, as well as vegan and vegetarian offerings.

In addition to its five existing locations in the United States, the rapidly growing creperie is also planning expansion into California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois, Washington and Florida in the coming months – with a location in Tampa and Houston slated to open in 2022. The goal is to expand globally, bringing the delights and comforts of authentic Japanese street food to the world, one city at a time.

The Japanese pancake franchise is created to adapt to a healthy and happy new reality by offering pancakes made with “high-quality, organic or locally sourced ingredients, including fresh fruits, sweet berries, vegetables from season and homemade French chocolate truffles”. The eight-tower pancake is also a timeless meal as it can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Besides its famous Japanese crepe, Eight Turn Crepe also offers ice cream, coffee, and Japanese-inspired drinks and shakes. Each Eight Turn Crepe experience is exclusive and designed to offer customers a combination of flavors with the power to transform their day. The Japanese creperie offers its customers delivery, take-out and restaurant options. However, it doesn’t stop there; they provide world-class catering services that are sure to turn events into something memorable! Their on-site live pancake stations are interactive and unique and provide customers with entertainment in addition to serving fresh made-to-order pancakes. Watch the world-class Eight Turn Crepe restoration video to see them in action:

Eight Turn Crepe is a scalable, low startup, high cash flow business. Eight Turn Crepe generates a considerable return on investment, because a location offers six different sources of income; dine-in, take-out, delivery, not to mention the perfect take-out food for pop/ups, food festivals, as well as kids’ pancake classes. But last but not least, in addition to cash flow from the store, an investor could also expect to build a booming and lucrative restaurant business. It’s no wonder Eight Turn Crepe has grown exponentially in recent years, as a simple investment in this turnkey operation provides an in-demand product, personalized menu, cutting-edge store design and expert marketing!

Eight Turn Crepe’s popularity has not gone unnoticed by the online community, as the franchise has seen massive growth on its Instagram and TikTok. The creperie has also received a lot of media coverage from publications like CBS, FOX, ZAGAT and many more. Eight Turn Crepe’s media coverage makes it a groundbreaking Japanese creperie that brings a new understanding and appreciation of Japanese cuisine, crepes, and culture. “Eight Turn Crepe is committed to quality and consistency at every location and has developed effective systems that simplify the business model for franchisees.”

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