Inside British Airways Club Suite premium business cabin remodel

British Airways is on a mission to rethink its transatlantic flight and lounge experience.

The first piece is the remodeling of its upscale business cabin, Club Suite. While initially completed in 2020, BA is currently working to revive the popular business travel corridor between New York and London since the start of the pandemic. The Club Suite was first offered to premium business travelers on flights between London and Dubai, Toronto, Tel Aviv and Bangalore.

British Airways has revamped its Club World cabin with the launch of the new Club Suite featured on the A350-1000.

Courtesy of British Airways

Improved cabin layout provides direct aisle access and a suite door for greater privacy while maintaining a high level of comfort with White Company bedding and a more comfortable flat sleeper seat in a one-to-one configuration. two-one on each row.

The new cabin offers direct aisle access from every seat and a door for added privacy.

Courtesy of British Airways

BA has installed 56 new Club suites in its fleet on Airbus A350s. The A350 Edition cabin layout is intended to promote a feeling of well-being, space and calm with high ceilings and mood lighting to reflect adjustments for the time of day and exterior light while reducing noise levels.

The fully flat 79-inch seats in a one-two-one configuration.

Courtesy of British Airways

The side table has been extended with 40% more storage space, including a dressing table and mirror. BA also touts that its “tailor-made” table is designed for both dining and working. There are PC and USB ports in every seat, and perhaps most importantly, BA has one of the lowest rates for in-flight Wi-Fi, ranging from £4.99 (about $5.60 ) to £21.99 ($25), depending on flight duration and internet access.

Each suite has 40% more storage space, including a bespoke table designed to be suitable for working, eating and sleeping.

Courtesy of British Airways

When not in use, each suite is equipped with an 18.5-inch HD screen for in-flight entertainment.

BA says Club Suite uses technology to make the flight experience even more comfortable.

Courtesy of British Airways

Airplane food isn’t always exciting, until it is. The transporter is giving it a try with a new catering service.

A rendering of British Airways’ new home in New York.

Courtesy of British Airways

The second element of the airline’s roadmap is that British Airways will move terminals from its New York headquarters this winter, moving from Terminal 7 to Terminal 8 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

A rendering of the new British Airways lounge in Terminal 8 at New York-JFK airport.

Courtesy of British Airways

The airline says the T8 is being redesigned to improve the customer experience, starting with new check-in counters and lounges. The experience upgrade will continue after security with a new lounge worthy of the cost of business class and first class travel, with an exponential number of seats, a much brighter ambience with higher ceilings and spacious friendly between tables and chairs, and even a champagne bar.

The new T8, which will also host OneWorld partner American Airlines, will launch with a soft opening from November 17, with a full move-in by the end of December.

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