Ina Garten’s weekend breakfast menu is the perfect way to start the New Year

Barefoot Contessa has a menu for every occasion and the New Year is no different. Start 2022 with Ina Garten’s weekend breakfast menu featuring homemade muffins, hearty egg dishes and, of course, one of the celebrity chef’s popular cocktails.

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Garten’s weekend breakfast menu has something for everyone, starting with eggs. the barefoot countess the host serves not a but of them savory dishes with eggs.

First of all, eggs benedict. Garten makes it a “Is it easy?” Moment using his simple method of poaching eggs. Tip: it does not include vinegar or swirl. She also puts her own Barefoot Contessa twist on Hollandaise sauce. Garten’s trick for the dutch is to make it in a blender.

As for the second course of salted eggs from Garten, it also offers roast ground beef and eggs on the menu. It takes a while to do – 45 minutes per Food webestimating – but like most Barefoot Contessa recipes, it’s a straightforward process.

Garten prepares the mince while the potatoes are cooking. Then she cooks eggs. Finally, she puts it all together and it’s ready to serve.

Ultimate Bloody Mary is Ina Garten’s cocktail of choice for weekend breakfast

Ina Garten wears a blue shirt and smiles as she holds a cocktail and watches

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Featured in the “Weekend Breakfast” episode of barefoot countess, the Food Network star serves up one of his classic cocktail recipes, the Bloody Mary. But not just any tomato-vodka mix. Garten brews a batch of his Ultimate Bloody Marys.

Compared to a standard Bloody Mary, this particular version has increased volume. Garten’s weekend breakfast cocktail choice includes tomato and clam juice and shrimp for garnish.

Ina Garten’s breakfast menu continues with strawberry muffins

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Fresh muffins for a weekend breakfast? It might seem difficult, but as always Garten makes it seem like it’s easy. “The great thing about muffins is that you don’t have to prepare them in a blender or food processor. Just a big bowl, that’s all you need, ”Garten said on The Barefoot Countess.

Use an ice cream scoop, Garten’s secret to professional-looking muffins, to create muffins the same size. Finally, some tips on making muffins from the cookbook author. “The less you mix them, the better they are,” she warned. barefoot countess the viewers. There’s also a reason the recipe says to add sugar last. According to Garten, this gives the muffins a nice crunch.

Barefoot Contessa’s weekend breakfast menu includes pre-made French toast

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Garten has a full cookbook of recipes to prepare ahead of time, so it’s hardly surprising that his weekend breakfast menu includes a dish that can be made ahead. His favorite dish? Raspberry French toast.

Garten uses day-old bread, a key component of the dish, and combines it with custard. Then she leaves the mixture in the refrigerator so that the bread can soak up the liquid. The next time, before breakfast time, she bakes French toast. Again, a “Is it easy?” Moment of the barefoot countess.

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